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  • Genetics 50% SATIVA | 50% INDICA
  • THC 25-30%
  • Flowering time 65-70 DAYS
  • Indoor 500-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor 700-1000 g per plant

Mango Juice

From two cannabis icons such as Tropicana Cookies and Somango, there could be no result other than a truly unparalleled product, in flavor and effect. As its name indicates, this plant releases all the fresh sweetness of a mango juice, which is accompanied by a feeling of euphoria and joy that matches perfectly with the exotic taste of Mango Juice.

The seed has excellent yields both outdoors and indoors, where the SOG and SCOG method are also recommended, because the plant grows horizontally more quickly. Inflorescences arise approximately one month after sowing and they are very large, but especially full of resin.

Delicious taste, powerful flavor and ease of cultivation are the ideal seed recipe you've been looking for!

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23 reviews for MANGO JUICE

  1. William

    In love with tehse seeds

  2. Elizabeth

    A super natural way to set up your own garden, I love it.

  3. Connor

    Well, 5 stars for sure

  4. Dakota

    Delighted with my choice

  5. Sophia

    Nothing to say about the quality of the seeds

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