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  • Genetics 80% SATIVA | 20% INDICA
  • THC 25-30%
  • Flowering time 70 DAYS
  • Indoor 400-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor 50-180 g per plant

Sig Sour XXL Auto

For this kind of seed, BSF Seeds sought the most powerful genetics in automatic version, to give birth to a vigorous plant, easy to cultivate, with a rapidity of flowering that many envies. A plant of Sig Sour XXL will reach its maximum flowering in just over a month. For even more big production, the yield of this plant can be maximized by placing the seed in 10-20 litter pots in a quite unique environment.

The inflorescence will have that diesel smell typical of this seed family and the flavor will also take on it a few of taste, balancing it with a refreshing citric taste. In the end, the effect is what is sought by those who love sativa, with a light and enduring high feeling.

Vigorous, strong, powerful. This seed will certainly not leave you indifferent.

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7 reviews for SIG SOUR XXL

  1. Celine

    one of my purpose is to buy a package of seeds every week

  2. MIchelle

    these collectable seeds will enrich in very good way my personal collection!

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