About Us

Sensory Seeds is a company very active in Marijuana seeds marketing and productionThe Company originates from the collaboration of leading international partners in the cannabis fields of research, development and promotion.

Extensive research and selection of the best seed productions in the world gave birth to our Seed Bank. By means of this commitment, our team of experts were fortunate enough to be able to choose from the best strains and cannabis seeds high in THC, available on the market. 

We decided to create our own unique selection, adding products chosen with extreme accuracy, in order to offer a wide range of seed qualities. Our collection is always updated and in line with the constant  Marijuana strains  developments, that has been going on for some years now.

Thanks to our partners and our structure, we are now a reference in the online cannabis seed industry. 

On Sensory Seeds website, you will quickly find the product you were looking for. You can choose from a wide range of cannabis seeds including Feminized Marijuana seeds, suitable for the most experienced growers; Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds (Automatic),  ideal for novice growers; and the latest generation of Fast Flowering Marijuana seeds.

We are proud of our Cannabis seeds quality, and we want to help you maintain it: that’s why they are packaged in unique vacuum capsules, specially designed to ensure the proper seeds preservation, even for long periods.

Within a complicated and confusing industry, Sensory Seeds has always tried to be on the consumers’ side, aiming to make this magnificent plant accessible to everyone, while trying to offer the best quality at a competitive price.

Our collaboration with BSF Seeds (“Bigger, Stronger, Faster”) makes it possibile for you to find the best strains available across America, creating bigger, stronger and faster cannabis plants!