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differences between hashish and marijuana, strain effects and uses

Differences, effects, and uses of hashish and cannabis. We know that beautiful cannabis plants can be born from marijuana seeds, but often this is confused with hashish, which is an entirely different product. Specifically, hashish and marijuana are each other’s offspring, so they can’t be used as synonyms! But what are, specifically, the differences between these two […]

Knowing when is the right time to harvest marijuana

One of the most important moments for a grower is the harvest of cannabis flowers. But how to understand that the right time has come? Plant cannabis seeds, take care of them until germination, give the seedlings everything they need to grow resistant and productive, and harvest the flowers once they are ripe… These are just some […]

What are autoflowering THC cannabis seeds and which ones to choose

What are autoflowering thc cannabis seeds? How are they obtained, and which ones are the best? They cause a sensation, are significantly in demand and are legal: we are talking about the autoflowering THC cannabis seeds, among the most requested products online and much loved by cannabis connoisseurs! Cannabis seeds tend to be divided into 4 categories: […]

Properties, benefits and therapeutic uses of cannabis

Hemp as a natural medicine? Here are all the beneficial and therapeutic properties of cannabinoids. After decades of demonization and prohibition, marijuana has been re-evaluated and is currently considered a natural therapy in numerous countries. Although it is not possible in the UK to grow your garden from cannabis seeds (which can only be purchased for collecting use). However, […]

How to distinguish male from female cannabis

How to recognise the male and female cannabis? Here is the fastest method par excellence. Determining the sex of a hemp plant is crucial for cannabis growers because male plants can pollinate female plants, interrupting flowering and producing cannabis seeds. Most farmers grow cannabis to obtain buds, therefore inflorescences, rich in THC, so an effect of this […]

The effects of cannabis in the short and long term

All the effects of marijuana, both immediate and in the long run. If you are interested in the world of marijuana and cannabis seeds, you will probably want to know a few facts and different details about them, including the effects of weed. You’ve probably tried a few before, but the sensations can differ based on both the […]

What is marijuana resin used for and where is it found?

What cannabis resin is, how it is used and why it is so famous. The curiosities about hemp never end and, after having told you so much about marijuana seeds, plants and various strains, we decided to talk to you about a very particular product … Yes, it is precisely the marijuana resin, very famous […]

The properties and benefits of the fantastic hemp seeds

Properties, benefits and possible contraindications of hemp seeds. Marijuana seeds for food use, also called hemp seeds, are becoming one of the most popular products on the market due to the benefits they bring to both human and animal organisms. Many people use them as real supplements of beneficial substances, often during breakfast, to start […]