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All about cannabis milk

Here is everything you need to know about this delicious beverage If you are a lover of cannabis seeds and marijuana in general, you probably know that this plant can also be used to prepare infusions or dishes. But beyond herbal teas, biscuits and other dishes, it is also possible to prepare marijuana milk. In […]

The risks of butane extraction of resins in cannabis

What this hemp resin extraction method consists of, and why it is not safe There are many exciting aspects in the beautiful world of cannabis, and there is never a shortage of news. In the blog of Sensoryseeds, a leading website for the sale of autoflowering, feminized, and fast seeds, we not only talk about […]

The characteristics and differences of S1, F1 and F2 seeds

A distinction must be made between the various cannabis seeds The world of hemp, a plant famous for its many resources and the demonisation it has long been exposed to, fascinates millions of people worldwide. Likewise, its many uses and properties attract the attention of many enthusiasts, which is also why – in our blog […]

The grow box and ventilation

Ensuring adequate ventilation for indoor cultivation is vital for plant survival. Here’s how you can ensure that they always receive fresh air. Taking care of the seedlings in a grow box can be complicated. Although cannabis cultivation is forbidden in the UK, you may still be interested to know how experts in the field work […]

Trimming: the process of finishing the inflorescences

The process of trimming the inflorescences can enhance or detract from the quality of the finished product. Cultivating cannabis is a demanding job that requires weeks of patience. To obtain a quality end product, it is essential to pay proper attention to all the different steps, and one of these is trimming. To do trimming […]

What are cannabis edibles and what are the effects

Cannabis edibles: the advantages and peculiarities of this mode of consumption If you are a member of the cannabis enthusiast category, chances are you already know what it is all about. If, on the other hand, you have only recently become interested in marijuana and cannabis products, read on, and you will discover a whole […]