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The advantages offered by scrOG cultivation

Scrog cultivation: all the advantages of horizontal hemp cultivation. Hemp cultivation is a vast world. There are many different techniques to follow from the moment you plant your marijuana seeds, through the vegetative phase, to the flowering and harvesting phases. In this case, we want to bring up the ScrOG cultivation in particular, a somewhat […]

Why do white mold spots form on hemp leaves? Causes and solutions.

Have you seen or heard of white spots or dots on cannabis leaves? It is a fungus called powdery mildew and here you can find out how to get rid of it. From the moment the hemp growers plant the marijuana seeds to the moment of flowering, the plant goes through several phases in which […]

Cannabis outdoor in the vegetative phase: the basic principles

Outdoor vegetative phase: here are the main details of the growth phase in outdoor-grown cannabis plants. Hemp plants can be grown both outdoors and indoors. In indoor cultivation, the temperature, humidity, and light exposure are imposed artificially, whereas outdoors you rely on the rhythms of nature, and you have to deal with pests and other […]

5-step manual for indoor cannabis cultivation

Here is a 5-step guide to indoor hemp cultivation to satisfy all your curiosities on the subject. Indoor cultivation of hemp, although involving a number of specific responsibilities and cares, can be very beneficial as it allows cannabis to be grown at any time of the year. Whether a hemp grower decides to plant his […]

The effects of the herbicide on humans and marijuana plants

Do you want to find out what are the (real) effects of weedkiller on human health and cannabis crops? Here’s everything you absolutely need to know. Chemical herbicides and pesticides have been used around the world for many years to eliminate weeds in both agriculture and cities. While the side effects of these substances were […]

3 days to choose sensoryseeds for your collectible seeds

When looking for legal marijuana, some stores in the biggest cities offer a wide choice, but when it comes to collectable seeds, sensoryseeds is the best. In these times of legal marijuana’s extreme popularity, many major cities have seen a large number of grow shops flourish. Places where you can find auto-flowering seeds, feminised seeds, […]

What does the law on growing cannabis plants say?

Does legislation allow you to cultivate cannabis seeds? Here’s what you need to know! Growing cannabis seeds is not easy, as most British and European laws lay down specific rules. Selling and buying marijuana seeds is permitted, as the seeds themselves are free of tetrahydrocannabinol, while CBD cannabis is prohibited in the UK at a […]