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How to remedy aphids in cannabis leaves and flowers?

Find out how canapiculturists recognise, defeat and prevent aphids on marijuana stems, leaves and flowers The presence of aphids can pose a serious threat to the health of marijuana plants. Their presence can jeopardise the success of an entire harvest, whether it occurs a few weeks after planting cannabis seeds or when the plants are […]

How long does the flowering marijuana phase last and when does it start?

Here’s how to know when marijuana flowering starts and how long it lasts The flowering stage of marijuana is undoubtedly the most interesting and eagerly awaited stage of the whole plant growing process. Depending on whether the plants come from auto-flowering seeds, feminised seeds, or other genetics, the flowering time can vary, but some key […]

3 secrets to perfect cannabis drying

Here are the secrets of drying marijuana to perfection From the moment cannabis growers plant their seeds, their primary goal is to obtain a quality harvest. In addition to the cultivation phase, however, it is also essential to pay attention to the drying of the cannabis, or the previous work will be lost. This article […]

5 steps to get bigger and fuller cannabis flowers

Curious how to get the biggest, full cannabis flowers? Here are 5 of the best tips. Suppose you are a marijuana enthusiast and like to keep up to date with marijuana properties and cultivation techniques. In that case, you are probably intrigued that some cannabis growers, even using the same varieties of cannabis seeds as […]

3 quick ways to dry your weed

What are the best methods for drying marijuana quickly? Here are the three most commonly used systems. From the moment the cannabis seeds are planted to the growth of the plant and the harvest, these plants need a lot of care. Of course, attention, and dedication are required, but the work doesn’t end there to […]

How to recognize cannabis flowers when they are ripe?

Here are tips on how to tell when cannabis flowers are mature or not. When marijuana plants are flowering, it can be tricky for the inexperienced to know whether the flowers are ripe and therefore ready to be harvested or not. We often hear about standard times, but are these reliable or is it better […]

How many hours of light and dark should marijuana plants take?

Are you curious about the best light and dark cycles for indoor-grown cannabis plants? Here are the differences according to plant variety and growing season. Lighting schedules in indoor cultivation have a considerable influence on the successful growth of marijuana plants, from the moment the cannabis seeds are planted to the vegetative stage and then […]

What are marijuana grow box kits and how do they work?

Are you curious to know what cannabis grow box kits are, how they are made and how they work? Here is the answer to your curiosity. When searching for interesting facts about the fascinating marijuana plant, you have likely come across speeches or mentions of ‘marijuana grow box kits‘ several times, even though you did […]

How can you use hemp inflorescences?

Find out if and how the inflorescences of hemp plants can be used. For some time now, hemp plants have been enjoying renewed success in various areas, and as a result, we hear more and more about them. Hemp is used in industry, textiles, paper and even in the energy sector. Even the cannabis seeds […]

What are the differences between hemp and marijuana?

Nowadays, the nouns ‘hemp’ and ‘marijuana’ are used as synonyms: is this correct or do they indicate two different plants? Here are the clarifications. When talking about cannabis seeds, the cultivation of the plant or products derived from it, it is common to use the words ‘hemp’ and ‘marijuana‘ indiscriminately. When one of these words […]