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Report of the finest cannabis strains

If you have never wondered which are the best varieties of cannabis, let’s go to discover it together. Varieties and uses of cannabis are increasingly specific, in this growing industry. The marijuana plant can be used to make a variety of products, including medicaments. Through a series of studies and research it has been found […]

The price of hemp seeds is mainly determined by three factors

Also for hemp seeds the rising and decreasing price is influenced by different elements of the financial market … But not only Whether we want to call them Marijuana seeds, Cannabis seeds or hemp seeds, their price and even their quality depend on an incredible series of factors, the same factors that change the dynamics […]

Why is mulching important? What's this?

Taking care of the soil where flowers and plants will grow: many strategies for one purpose. This is what mulching is! Maybe you have used this technique without knowing its definition; maybe you are not able to describe what mulching is for its strange name, but you have certainly applied this method for the well-being […]

Cannabis fertilization how it happens and what it is

Cannabis plants need to feed adequately, let’s see what kind of fertilization helps them in the growth process Understanding which one is the right fertilization for a plant is complicated, it depends on the type of soil, the phases of the plant, the temperature of an indoor or outdoor cultivation and many other factors. In […]

The benefits of cotton for the germination of cannabis seeds

No academic discussion about the many existing methods. Here we tell you how to germinate a cannabis seed with the best possible results. The seeds contain life, a draft, but still a life! There are more and less effective methods to germinate cannabis seeds, it depends on many factors. Surely each method has its advantages, […]

How are feminised cannabis seeds produced?

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU’RE WONDERING HOW TO FEMINISE CANNABIS SEEDS. One of the most popular curiosities with marijuana seeds is how to obtain feminised cannabis seeds. These seeds have unique characteristics that have made them the most popular on the market. Feminised seeds are very different from other regular cannabis seeds, […]

How long do cannabis seeds keep without losing their properties?

HOW LONG CAN CANNABIS SEEDS BE STORED AND WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DO THIS?  Did you know that with the best storage, marijuana seeds remain unchanged for a very long time? The proper auto-flowering, feminised and fast-flowering cannabis seeds storage is essential, as they are dormant seeds ready to wake up (but please […]

How to find certified cannabis seeds?

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU WANT CERTIFIED CANNABIS SEEDS Cannabis seeds require special certifications to prove that they are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other substances harmful to humans. They can be used for collection purposes (such as BSF cannabis seeds), as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and much […]