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What to do when cannabis leaves are facing down and why it happens.

Like all plants, cannabis plants have their way of communicating their discomfort. Cannabis plants, for example, often have their leaves pointing downwards. Let’s take a look at what this means. Licensed cannabis growers know how to recognise a plant’s unhealthy state as good professionals. One of the most common signs is that the leaves may […]

Guide to increasing the humidity in the grow room

The proper humidity is crucial for growing hemp plants, and professional growers know this well. So, here’s how they keep it at the right level. Like many other plants, Hemp plants are very demanding when it comes to the characteristics of the growing environment. Professional growers know this very well, so they have to be […]

How to buy certified hemp seeds online

Buying hemp seeds online is easy and convenient because there are many more varieties than in the shops, and the prices are often much lower. But is it always safe to do so, or are there nasty surprises for customers who choose this route? In fact, in this area, you have to be careful about […]

Know the laws on shipping marijuana seeds

The laws that regulate the possession, use, and sale of cannabis are very stringent in the UK and, to avoid penalties and even major penalties, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Not many people know that it is possible to buy legal cannabis plant products from online shops, such as our […]

What the marijuana flower is called and what it looks like

Marijuana flower… the unknown! Everyone talks about it, but no one knows what it is called and what it looks like. So let’s find out together! People passionate about cannabis and everything related to this plant often wonder how the marijuana flower works and what it looks like exactly. To satisfy this curiosity and interest, […]

The list of certified hemp sativa seeds

There are 75 varieties of certified hemp sativa seeds. Here is the complete list… There are thousands of uses for hemp, and its benefits are well known to the public. It is why the prejudice against hemp and its derivatives is being abandoned a little more every day, while interest continues to grow. For this […]

Causes and prevention for burnt cannabis leaves

Hemp leaf burn: Find out what it is, how to recognise it and prevent it There is always something to learn about the world of hemp growing. However, even when hemp growers pay attention to every step of the cultivation process, they can still come across a few inconveniences from the moment they plant the […]

What are cannabis fungi and how to prevent them

Learn more about fungi that are harmful to hemp: find out which are the most dangerous and how experienced hemp growers try to avoid them. Fungi are silent and dangerous microorganisms that, when they find the most favourable conditions for spreading, can damage an entire cannabis plantation in no time at all. Cannabis growers know […]

What is the mother plant of cannabis!

Find out more about cannabis cloning and the critical role of mother plants. If you are a hemp connoisseur, you may have heard about the ‘cannabis mother plant‘ during some reading or talked about its propagation, but without really knowing what it was. What is meant by this strange appellation? Is it possible to create […]

The pros and cons of vertical cultivation

Learn more about vertical farming: what it is and its strengths The world of agriculture is constantly developing. We are constantly trying to find new cultivation methods to obtain quality products and higher yields. In particular, we know that growing space can make all the difference in the agricultural sector. In this article on our […]