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Books on marijuana: the best 5

Which are the most interesting texts to learn about cannabis: its characteristics, properties and beneficial effects Recently, light cannabis has been attracting more and more attention from the public, with the possibility of buying it online in various forms, to the point that it has become a real passion for many. Moreover, a critical aspect […]

Is synthetic marijuana dangerous?

Everything you should know about synthetic cannabinoids If you’re curious about the world of cannabis, chances are you’ve come across articles mentioning synthetic marijuana in between news stories. At the time, you may not have wanted to look into the subject, but now you want to know what it is and whether it is as […]

The risks of legal cannabis on an aeroplane

Here is what happens if you bring weed on an aeroplane Since the legalization of light cannabis, many people have become enthusiastic about this plant. Since possession of the inflorescences of light marijuana is permitted by law, many people wonder whether it is possible to take them with them on an aeroplane. In the following […]

When cannabis became legal in Jamaica?

This is when the Caribbean country made weed legal If as soon as you hear the name Jamaica you immediately think of marijuana and Bob Marley, you are in excellent company. Undoubtedly, reggae and cannabis are cultural phenomena that characterize the exotic Caribbean island. Yet, tolerance of the plant so beloved by the great Bob […]

Preparation and properties of hemp herbal tea

How to make a good herbal tea with CBD cannabis Sipping a good herbal tea is always synonymous with relaxation, especially during the winter. If it includes light cannabis as an ingredient or, even better, is exclusively herbal, the positive effects go far beyond a sense of relaxation and unwinding. Before discussing the properties of […]

Legal cannabis: effects

Here is what happens when you take light cannabis For some years now, legal hemp has been a major topic of discussion, but many people still do not know the differences between it and illegal cannabis. Besides the chemical characteristics, the effects on people also change. In the following lines, you will find out what […]

Following the lunar calendar for sowing cannabis

Sowing hemp according to the lunar calendar: everything you need to know When it comes to cultivation, one comes across different schools of thought for every type of plant, including hemp. Among the most curious and seemingly bizarre methods is certainly the one that is based on the lunar cycle. That’s right: there is a […]

Benefits of hemp oil for facial skin

The properties of hemp oil are beneficial for skin care Hemp oil is increasingly being used in cosmetics, and more and more people are becoming interested in its beneficial properties. Often associated with hair and scalp treatment, hemp oil is also particularly effective in skin care due to its composition and properties. In the following […]