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Everything you need to know about San Fernando Valley OG Kush.

Everything you need to know about the og kush, mother of the Lemon Blossom BSF seeds. If you are looking for the best marijuana seeds to expand your collection, we must highlight one of the best seed varieties with truly prestigious genetics. These are the Lemon Blossom seeds produced by BSF Seeds, the cross between […]

Characteristics of cannabis Godzilla Glue.

Undeniable characteristics of Godzilla Glue auto seeds. No, it’s not a mistake, and we didn’t intend to write Gorilla Glue: in this in-depth analysis, we’ll tell you about one of the newest and most prestigious cannabis seed varieties, Godzilla Glue Auto on sale in our SensorySeeds shop! It’s a strain produced exclusively by BSF Seeds […]

Marijuana Amnesia Haze: characteristics and effects.

Characteristics and effects of cannabis Amnesia haze, one of the most psychedelic varieties in the world. Are you looking for information about Amnesia Haze marijuana, its effects, and its cannabis plant characteristics? Then you’ve clicked on the right article, because today we will explain everything to you, including the features of the cannabis seeds related […]

Cannabis terpenes: what are they,?

What are cannabis terpenes, where are they found, and what are their properties? During your search for the best cannabis seeds, have you heard of terpenes essential for defining the hemp plant’s aromatic profile? You probably want to know more about them, as it is not easy to find data on terpenes to better understand […]

white marijuana: does it really exist?

Does white marijuana exist or is it just a photoshop montage? As a good cannabis seeds collector, you’ve probably come across online photographs of white marijuana specimens. We are not talking about the white widow, the herb that produces trichomes and very light flowers, but about an utterly white plant, as if it were covered […]

Details and important information about cannabis micro-culture.

Details and important information about cannabis micro-culture. Micro-cultivation is a technique used by those who have a small space at home, but still want to devote themselves to growing cannabis seeds. Unsurprisingly, we always talk about indoor micro-cultivation and hardly ever about outdoor micro-cultivation. This article will talk about everything that has to do with […]

What are trichomes and what importance do they have in cannabis

Everything you need to know about cannabis plant trichomes and their importance Many plants in the world generate trichomes during their life cycle, but these components are associated almost entirely with cannabis. The reason is simple: they perform a fundamental function for the survival of the hemp plant, even if they are known (and appreciated […]

Buying ganja seeds at Sensoryseeds? Here are three reasons.

Selling ganja seeds online: all the reasons to choose sensoryseeds for your collectible cannabis seeds. Since the news spread that buying ganja seeds is perfectly legal in the UK, the marijuana seed market has grown exponentially and thousands of people are looking for the best strains of these products. Although it is forbidden to grow […]