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Useful information on selling cannabis sativa online

Learn more about selling cannabis Sativa online: here’s what you should know It is now 2021, and doubts about buying and selling cannabis continue to plague many people. We know that you can buy marijuana seeds for collecting purposes and that you can only grow seeds that produce plants with low THC content and are […]

Characteristics and cultivation of the cannabis sativa plant

Learn more about the characteristics of hemp plants Recently, we have been hearing more and more about hemp. Yet, despite this, hardly any people know what a cannabis Sativa plant looks like and its unique features. For this reason, we at SensorySeeds have decided to write this short article, in which we will answer some […]

Unique properties of cannabis sativa

Main properties of hemp sativa insights Cannabis sativa is an old plant, apparently originating in the Neolithic era. It has always been cultivated to produce textiles and paper, and seems to have experienced a boom as soon as its recreational and therapeutic properties were discovered. Today, hemp Sativa is considered one of the prevalent plant […]

The size of the pot for an autoflowering hemp plant.

How to choose the best container for auto-flowering hemp plants Choosing the perfect container for hemp cultivation is not a matter of course and should not be left to chance, but it is a detail that can significantly influence plant growth in many ways. It is valid for all cannabis plants, whether from auto-flowering seeds […]

6 tips for choosing the best cannabis seed site

Are you looking for the ideal cannabis seed shop? Find out what the criteria are for finding the right one. As time goes by, more studies and research prove that hemp is a plant species with a thousand resources. As a result, more and more admirers of the plant and many new enthusiasts have started […]

Seed banks what are they, what is their purpose?

Find out what seed banks are, why they were created, and some interesting facts about hemp seed banks. If you read any of the articles on our Sensoryseeds blog or any other source, you will probably have come across the mention of seed banks several times. But what are these ‘structures’ in practice? What is […]

Here is what is the ideal temperature for germinating seeds indoors

Insight about the correct temperature for the germination phase in indoor cultivation: tips for hemp seeds Weed seed germination is the first and most crucial stage in the development of a plant. In nature, this process only takes place if the seeds can enjoy the most favourable conditions. Still, in indoor cultivation, we are lucky […]

A brief guide to germinating seeds in the dark

Find out how to germinate seeds (cannabis or other plants) and why it is essential to avoid light during this process. Weed seeds germination is an essentially natural process: it is the first life stage of plants, during which the sprouts and cotyledons emerge from their shells. Whether we are dealing with marijuana seeds or […]

5 surprising properties of hemp sativa sprouts

Learn more about the positive effects of sprouted hemp seeds: discover how to eat them and why they are suitable for you. In previous articles, we have discussed the countless benefits of cannabis seeds (hulled and unhulled), but now it is time to clarify the role of sprouted seeds in the food sector. Did you […]