Who is Sensory Seeds?

Sensory Seeds is the online marijuana seed shop that selects only the best cannabis crops from the USA.

We are constantly looking for only the best marijuana seed genetics from California.

How do I track my order?

After a few minutes from receiving the order placed on Sensory Seeds, you will receive an email indicating that the order has been received. This means that we are preparing your shipment!
The order will then be entrusted to the express courier as soon as possible (24h).

You will receive the “Tracking code”, the code that will allow you to track the shipment of your order, in the early afternoon of the first working day following the placing of the order.

90% of shipments are delivered in 24 hours, i.e. on a working day.

Recall that couriers work from Monday to Friday, therefore deliveries are not received on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Only for the city of Milan is delivery within 12 working hours, active every day (also on holidays, Saturday and Sunday).

For any doubt, contact us with the appropriate form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

– e-mail:  info@sensoryseeds.com
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How are the products packaged?

All the products on our Sensory Seeds portal are packaged in vacuum capsules that guarantee ideal pressure and humidity for seed conservation.

The design is truly captivating: the product is not only of quality but also really beautiful to look at.

Other information

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What are THC Seeds?

In the THC Seeds Category we have selected the best seeds containing a  high THC value on the market. Obviously these seeds do not contain within them THC but are called in this way because they develop plants with a THC that can reach up to 30%. The seeds we are talking about come from years of study in America and Spain and are seen as the excellence of modern genetics. These seeds are sold to be collected (in fact they are designed to be real “figurines”) because in Europe it is still illegal to send these plants in bloom, given that the flowers develop THC levels not allowed in our country.

Which seeds has Sensory Seeds chosen?

Sensory Seeds has chosen for you only the best THC seeds of the American market. We are proud to say that our main partner is the company that is more and more becoming the most popular in the whole America: the BSF Seeds. Just from this name we can know what it means: “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, this is the  motto of the company and we want to marry it in full!
All the cannabis seeds proposed by Sensory Seeds have been selected because of their Quality and Safety and because they belong to a unique collection; we sell them, on our site, at a cheap price, and you will not find the same product cheaper anywhere else!

What are the Feminized seeds?

In a seed the word “Feminized”, or “FEM” means that such cannabis seeds generate only female plants. To obtain feminized seeds, a pre-treatment is performed which guarantees at the 99.9% that the seeds will develop into female plants. The word “Feminized” or “FEM” also means that these plants are seasonal, and follow a photoperiod. They grow and bloom following the season and the hours of light; if they are cultivated with artificial light their vegetative phase is about 18 hours of light and bloom with only 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness. That is why, we define them seasonal plants.

What are the Automatic seeds?

Marijuana seeds, that are named “Automatic”, or “Autoflowering” are cannabis seeds (always feminized at 99.9% female) blooming independently form their photoperiod, the hours of exposure at light and the season. They are obtained crossing the classic FEM genetics together with the Ruderalis cannabis type. Usually Autoflowering plants have smaller size and produce less than the seasonal plants but they are easier to cultivate.

What are Fast Flowering seeds?

In this category of seeds, called by us Fast Flowering, we find automatic marijuana seeds (Atutoflowering) with the fastest growing and flowering times on the market! These seeds are the result of years of study by BSF on the new American genetics and the result is fantastic. These plants can complete their growth and flowering cycle in just 40-42 days !! Something that is still unthinkable for most seed banks around the world.

How are THC seeds stored?

All Cannabis Seeds sold  by Sensory Seeds are stored in special vacuum capsules that have humidity and pressure set to ensure a good seed conservation. We suggest  to keep the seeds in a dry (at most 9% humidity), dark and cool place (the optimum storage temperature goes from 6 to 8 degrees, for this reason  if we want to store them at home the best place for them is often the fridge). Be careful not to let the seeds get in touch with moisture or light to prevent an early germination.

Cultivating THC Seeds, is it legal in Europe?

As already mentioned, in Europe these products can be sold as collector’s items, this fact is evident because of the work done in the packaging and marketing by this famous seed bank.
In Europe products with THC greater than 0.2% are illegal, that is why the seeds we are selling are 100% legal (not containing THC); but if they were grown in Europe they would generate plants that would become illegal in their flowering period (because the flowers would reach THC levels much higher than the current European limits).
For the above reasons, we advise our European customers to collect the seeds, stating that we are exonerated from any responsibility if they were actually grown.
Anyway, each European nation has its own rules regarding this matter, so, it is better to search for the right information before using the seeds, but sell them for collector use is in any case legal throughout the world.

Where do we ship?

We ship in less than 24 hours (1 working day).

You will receive the order tracking the same day and the package will reach your doorstep in max 3 days.

You can order from the following European countries:

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