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  • Weed seeds El Gaucho from SensorySeeds Shop



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    x2 x4 x7 x12
  • fast flowering cannabis seeds of Gorilla Glue



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    x2 x4 x7 x12
  • Marijuana seeds Obg Kush from SensorySeeds



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    x2 x4 x7 x12
What about Sensory Seeds

Even quicker: fast flowering weed seeds by SensorySeeds

It might seem an illusion to think that a cannabis plant could be blooming in just a little more than a month, but it is possible with SensorySeeds fast marijuana seeds! Automatic, feminized and fast-growing marijuana seeds directly from the USA are the innovative products that our company offers you on our online shop!

Thanks to the venture with BSF Seeds, only the top shelf quality seeds make their way into our seeds bank. As a matter of fact, the acronym BSF stands for “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”: plants which grow from SensorySeeds cannabis sativa seeds are larger, more resistant and quicker at blooming.

The only goal we had in mind was to offer you only the best varieties of hemp seeds; therefore, we turned to BSF for our marijuana seeds supply. This is a company that has revolutionized the world of cannabis cultivation, because its seeds give life to plants that are “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, as the words behind its acronym suggest.

SensorySeeds fastflowering strains will be even faster than usual and, in addition to that, they come from automatic and feminized varieties, being therefore particularly resistant to external agents. A perfect mix and a one not to be missed! Discover SensorySeeds shop!

SensorySeeds’ success lies in its products quality and in a fast and efficient customer service. The weed seeds we sell on our online shop are the result of careful researches, carried on selecting only the best seeds available on the market. BSF’ guarantee of quality, which has conquered the USA, only adds to the checks that our company carries out on every batch of marijuana seeds we receive, before we put them on sale. Nothing is left to chance here.

The result of this double evaluation steps are seeds with exceptional performances and that can be preserved, if our specific instructions are followed, for even more than a year.

We also know how important easiness and rapidity can be: not only placing an order on our website it’s a very simple procedure, but we also chose an express delivery service, which make it possible for you to receive your Sensoryseeds cannabis seeds order in the shortest time possible.

Autoflowering strains are a very particular kind of cannabis seeds, deriving from a cross between feminized seeds and those of a Ruderalis variety. The latter is a strain with peculiar features because it grows naturally and spontaneously in Siberia.

The weed seeds obtained from this hybridization do not require a full 12 hours daylight cycle; this is why they are not affected by the change of seasons (this is one of the major characteristics of the Ruderalis variety); in addition, the probability that they give origin to female plants is greater than 90% (such as the feminized cannabis seeds).

SensorySeeds Fast Flowering strains can, therefore, germinate and grow throughout the year, giving birth to female plants with a very high percentage of probability and all of that at maximum speed, in little more than a monthThe crops will be frequent and fruitful, in any season!

Not particularly. As with all plants, and cannabis in particular, it is necessary to pay attention during hemp seeds germination phase, which is the most delicate one, but once that is overcome, the Ruderalis variety ensures a relative plant resistance to external agents.

This means also that the fast seeds of SensorySeeds shop can be grown both outdoors and indoors, provided that all the appropriate measures have been taken in order to adjust: sun exposure (which does not need to reach 12h but which is however important), humidity (to avoid mold), temperature and soil nutrients.

By paying attention to these four elements, difficulties will be minimal and the fast flowering cannabis seeds will have a fantastic yield and optimal flowering time!

Selling or buying cannabis seeds is not forbidden by European laws, that only indicate that it is not allowed to grow marijuana plantations if the THC level is above 0,2%. The latter is a rule that is applicable to cannabis plantation for industrial purposes. Nothing is said for domestic cultivation, a matter regulated by each Country internal law.

SensorySeeds cannabis strains are sold exclusively as collectible seeds, with the only purpose of preserving genetics. Therefore, the use done by those who buy them on SensorySeeds shop is not our responsibility.

In order to preserve the collectible Sensoryseeds cannabis strains, it is necessary to make sure that they remain in their resting phase, avoiding that germination begins. Particular attention should be paid to: light, temperature and humidity.

As far as light is concerned, the risk of germination occurs especially when the weed seed receives direct sunlight. It is therefore advisable not to expose the seed to this type of light, but to leave it in a dark place.

Hemp seeds can survive and be much better preserved at low temperatures. However, temperature swings are particularly harmful for the seeds, at the point that they could irreparably ruin them. For this reason, if you choose to use the refrigerator as a place for storage, it should not be opened and closed too frequently.

We understand that the correct humidity cannot be determined absolutely; it is important to find the right balance so that the seed does not rot or mold does not form and, on the other hand, that it does not dry out too much. If you pay attention to these factors, Sensoryseeds marijuana seeds can be kept for up to two years!

An important value of our service is express delivery: when you order marijuana seeds on Sensoryseeds online shop, we work hard for making it reach your address within 48 hours at the latest!

The packages containing the weed seeds are completely anonymous, they do not bear any inscription, abbreviation or any symbol that can make them recognizable or even guessed.Respect for your privacy and your time are our priorities.

Of course! In addition, there is more: since we want you to receive updates to keep you informed where the package is at all times, you will receive an email with a tracking code within 24 hours of placing your marijuana seed order. You will never lose sight of it!

On the day of delivery, you will be notified by SMS and e-mail, so that you can set things up and be ready to collect it! We will notify you even in case of delays or unexpected events!

We are here to solve any doubt and answer any question concerning: site’s functionalities, problems with your SensorySeeds account, and so on…  We warmly invite you to contact our customer care service from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00. You can reach us by:

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We will get back to you as soon as possible, trying our best to support you, because you can always count on us, your SensorySeeds team!