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indica and sativa seeds

The difference between cannabis indica and sativa (and their seeds). Take a look at our auto-flowering, and feminized seeds offer, and you will undoubtedly notice the different types of “Genetics” for each product. It specifies whether the cannabis seeds have indica or sativa predominance. The terminology “Indica” and “Sativa” often determine the buyers’ choice. These […]


Everything you need to know about outdoor cannabis seeds. We know that outdoor culture, that is, outdoors, can seem much more straightforward than indoors, because it requires less work and controls. Of course, with favourable timing and environmental conditions, an excellent harvest can be obtained from the hemp seeds planted. But why choose the auto-flowering […]


What types of CBD seeds are legal in Europe? Unfortunately, the subject of CBD cannabis in our country is still a bit taboo. Misinformation and alarmism have only masked the benefits of products high in CBD (cannabidiol), which have no psychotropic effect; but act to relieve some physical pain and treat certain psychological illnesses. At […]


This is what XXL auto-flowering seeds are and how they differ from others. Of the different varieties of cannabis seeds to buy online,auto-flowering ones are certainly among the most in-demand. The reasons for this choice can be clearly understood: you can find marijuana seeds that bloom without taking into account the photoperiod, to obtain abundant […]


Feminized seeds: characteristics and peculiarities. The world of potentially buyable cannabis seeds has become a considerable activity in recent years, thanks to various studies and research that have identified the benefits of cannabis. Among the different varieties available, it is possible to buy feminized seeds. These are marijuana seeds explicitly created to produce female plants, […]


Here is the correct way to store cannabis seeds. Marijuana Seed buying and growing have become a fairly common practice, as much more information has been disseminated about the benefits of cannabis plants. But you have to pay attention to specific details if you don’t want to ruin the quality of the seeds purchased. At […]


Here are the uses of peeled marijuana seeds. We often hear about shelled hemp seeds, but what are they? And most importantly, what are their advantages? For the uninitiated, they are readily available in organic food stores, as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and provide the amount of “good” fats necessary for the […]

cannabis seeds winning cannabis cup

Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam: marijuana seeds rewarded at the 2019 edition. The growing interest in cannabis, and the products that derive from it, have also given greater visibility to the annual events dedicated to the presentation of what could be the best cannabis seeds. The most famous event, which attracts thousands of people from all […]