Cannabis strains that can brave colder climates

Cannabis strains that can brave colder climates

Modified on: 12/09/2023


Cannabis (coming from weed seeds) is a plant that requires optimal conditions for thriving growth: temperature, humidity, air, and the right amount of nutrients are key factors in obtaining a good harvest.

Normally, cannabis requires sunny climates and mild temperatures, but there are several varieties that can be grown outdoors even if the weather is not the best: these are hardy plants, often originating in regions with very cold temperatures, that have adapted to harsh conditions and are therefore particularly hardy.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the best cold-weather resistant cannabis varieties.

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Cannabis and cold climates: what are the characteristics of the most suitable varieties?

In general, the most cold-hardy cannabis plants (generated from marijuana seeds) have certain characteristics in common.

Auto-flowering or ‘early’ varieties (auto flowering/photoperiodic hybrids) can be planted in early summer to obtain a harvest before the cold season. However, there are also feminized seeds that can withstand the cold.

Predominantly indica (or 100% indica) varieties have shorter flowering times and generally resist cold and mold well. In addition, some types of cannabis flower at the end of summer. Harvest times of 7 to 8 weeks (instead of the average 8 to 10 weeks) are shorter than for varieties that are harvested between October and November.

Let us now turn to the best cold-weather resistant cannabis varieties.

Cannabis and cold climates:

Legendary OG Punch

Descended from Legend OG and Purple Punch, this robust indica-dominant hybrid (60%) produces yields with good THC content (19%) and fair amounts of CBD. Flowering times are quite fast (around 8 weeks), between the end of September and the beginning of October, and it guarantees a very good yield (around 500g per plant).

Terpenes with fruity aromas complete the picture of a ‘legendary’ variety.

Blue Cheese

A variety with good cold-weather resistance, born from the hybridization of Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry Blend, the indica-dominant Blue Cheese produces around 500g per plant by the end of September. THC content is around 19%, while CBD content is medium. The sweet, fruity flavors mix with the musky aromas of the original Cheese.

Purple Lemonade

Another indica-dominant hybrid variety with fast flowering and good resistance to bad weather such as wind and cold. It reaches a lesser height than other varieties (maximum 110 cm), produces purple buds with a citrusy scent and offers a more than satisfactory yield (500 g per square meter). It is also recommended for beginner professional growers.

Watermelon Automatic

A predominantly indica auto flowering variety, 5% has Ruderalis genetics, a strain originating from the harshest regions of Central Asia. Produces a good yield (450g per square meter) at around 9 weeks sowing: buds produce fruit (watermelon) and sugar terpenes, with a THC content of around 20%.

Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush is another excellent indica-dominant hybrid (80%), providing excellent yields (600g per plant outdoors) and good resistance to colder temperatures. THC content is around 19%, while aromas and flavors recall earth, pine and fruit. It is harvested at the end of September after waiting around 8-10 weeks after sowing.

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Variety for winter

Special Kush

Exactly like Bubble Kush, this hybrid variety has noble ancestry (Kush, indeed) and flowers after just 7-8 weeks, producing a yield of 550g per plant in outdoor cultivation. Aromas are earthy and peppery, with hints of citrus.

Northern Light

A variety well known to light cannabis and cannabis seeds professionals, this hybrid dates back to the 1970s but continues to reap success due to its robustness and ease of cultivation. It has interesting genetics (80% indica, 20% ruderalis) and yields in line with other cold-weather varieties (550g per plant outdoors).

Frisian Drew

Born, like other hybrids, in the Netherlands, the Frisian Drew is characterized by its incredible resistance to cold climates, so much so that it is grown by professionals in Denmark and the UK. It produces an excellent harvest at 8 weeks after sowing and has a fairly high THC content.

Critical Strain

Descended from Skunk and Afghan, this is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with an above average yield (650g per plant) and has a THC content of around 18-19%. It flowers in 7-9 weeks and has fruity flavors with hints of earth and pine. A variant is Red Critical, characterized by red and purple tones.

In conclusion

Choosing cold-hardy varieties allows even growers in regions with a harsh climate to cultivate legal cannabis with great satisfaction. We know that the temperature is crucial for the growth of this plant, so if you want to grow cannabis where it is cold for a good part of the year, it is a good idea to opt for many cold-hardy varieties that can offer excellent yields and high-quality products.

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