Legal hemp herbal tea: how is it prepared and what properties does it have?

Preparation and properties of hemp herbal tea

Published on: 27/09/2022

How to make a good herbal tea with CBD cannabis

Sipping a good herbal tea is always synonymous with relaxation, especially during the winter. If it includes light cannabis as an ingredient or, even better, is exclusively herbal, the positive effects go far beyond a sense of relaxation and unwinding. Before discussing the properties of this drink, however, it is important to know how it is prepared.

In the following lines, you will find out which steps are involved in making a light cannabis herbal tea or decoction correctly, what its properties are and how long the effects last.

What is hemp herbal tea good for?

Light cannabis herbal tea: how to make it

The preparation of cannabis herbal tea is different from that of a normal herbal tea.

Usually, when infusing herbs, only water is used as a component to solubilize them. To release the properties of light cannabis, on the other hand, other ingredients have to be added in addition to the water, leaves, and inflorescences of this plant. Since CBD, the active ingredient in the light herb is a lipophilic substance, a fatty component is required for it to dissolve in the final compound. For this reason, to enjoy the effects of a cannabis herbal tea, it is necessary to add milk (preferably cow’s milk) or butter once the infusion of the herb is finished.

But let’s look in order at the steps for preparing a hemp herbal tea (or decoction). First, you need to grind the inflorescences and leaves (unless you buy a ready-made infusion mix). To achieve this, it is advisable to use a grinder, a small tool useful for chopping up the herb properly. Once ready, the raw material should be placed in a filter. If you want to prepare a decoction, immerse the filter directly in cold water, bring it to a boil and leave it on the cooker for about twenty minutes; otherwise, if you prefer to prepare a herbal tea, boil the water and once it reaches boiling point, place the filter in the infusion.

In the final stage of preparation (whether you opt for a decoction or a herbal tea) add milk or butter and wait about ten minutes so that the cannabidiol can be released into the drink. For a better aromatic yield and to extract more CBD, it is advisable to leave the filter soaking even while sipping. And now let’s see what properties a hemp herbal tea or decoction has.

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Properties of marijuana herbal tea

Taking cannabis light with the infusion of flowers and leaves is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy the beneficial properties of CBD. By inhaling through combustion, many harmful substances are introduced into the body. Sipping a cannabis herbal tea, on the other hand, not only avoids the harmful side effects caused by smoking, but also prolongs the positive effects of cannabidiol.

As already mentioned, marijuana herbal tea provides a relaxing effect and helps counter debilitating and invasive psychophysical conditions such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Not only that, but since cannabis is a natural bronchodilator, you will have better oxygenation after drinking the herbal tea. The soothing effect also helps reduce the symptoms of typical digestive disorders such as nausea, diarrhoea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, providing relief and improving digestive processes.

Besides CBD, light hemp herbal tea also contains other substances with beneficial properties for the body, such as vitamins and minerals. As far as aromatic properties are concerned, however, the absolute herbal tea (i.e. prepared by infusing only hemp inflorescences and leaves) may taste strange to those who are not used to taking cannabinoids; if it is unpalatable, however, it can be supplemented with other products that can be bought in any herbal shop, such as chamomile, lemon balm, ginger, liquorice, and many others.

Where to buy cannabis for herbal tea?

The duration of the beneficial effects of cannabis varies depending on how it is taken.

With inhalation through combustion or vaporization, these are more immediate, as the active ingredients reach the receptors of the endocannabinoid system located in the central nervous system rapidly. Food and drink, on the other hand, is the liver system that absorbs the cannabidiol and other chemicals present in the herb. As a result, the effects take a long time to manifest themselves but are long-lasting.
How long are we talking about?

Well, once you have drunk the herbal tea, you need to wait 30 minutes to an hour to start seeing signs of widespread relaxation throughout the body. The intensity of these effects can vary depending on the genetics of the cannabis seeds that gave rise to the plants from which the inflorescences and leaves come. Their duration, on the other hand, can vary from 4 to 8 hours.

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In conclusion

Although the sale of light cannabis inflorescences is legal, the laws are not at all clear on whether it can be consumed in public places. Furthermore, despite a minimal percentage of THC (psychotropic active ingredient), this substance could be detected in the event of a narcotest; it is, therefore, inadvisable to drive after drinking a hemp infusion.

As far as other culinary uses are concerned, you should know that, unlike flowers, marijuana seeds do not contain THC and can be taken without any problems. At SensorySeeds you can find the best feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and collectable fast flowering seeds, which can also be used for cooking if needed.

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