How was this type of seed created?

Published on: 28/04/2020

Breeders have long felt the need to increase the number of female Marijuana plants in each sowing. As a matter of fact, what happened was that only some 50% of the plants were female. The male ones yield flowers that contain pollen and seeds, so not only the inflorescence was unusable, but the risk was that the female plants would be pollinated and therefore become useless for commercial purposes.

For this reason, breeders were forced to uproot or cut the branches of male plants before the reproduction phase could begin, with enormous waste of space and with a lower crop yield, which was particularly serious in case of industrial use cultivation.

Science intervened to solve the problem, by inserting a substance into the seed, a sort of transparent patina, that made it possible for the plant born from feminized cannabis seeds, to contain only the X chromosomes. Therefore, the resulting seeds can produce a greater quantity of female plants, given that the probability increases from 50% to over 90%. These techniques have led, in turn, to a further result: the genetic heritage of plants born from feminised seeds will give life to other female marijuana plant organisms with the same probability.