Hemp honey: still, many seek a product that does not exist

Hemp honey does not exist

Modified on: 21/09/2022

This is why hemp Sativa honey cannot be obtained

The shelves of all markets are now full of flavoured products. However, one often comes across products labelled as something they are not. An example? Soya milk is a product consumed by so many people. Too bad the correct name is ‘soya drink’, at least until this plant acquires mammalian status and can be milked. Here, a similar mistake is made when it comes to hemp honey.

In this article, you will discover why this type of honey does not exist and cannot be produced, and you will find out the difference between honey and food preparation.

Hemp honey recipe

Hemp honey: a sought-after but non-existent product

Although you may come across some sites on the web talking about pseudo-bee trainers and eCommerce selling hemp honey, you should know from the outset that this product is technically impossible to obtain. The reason is simple: bees produce honey due to their ability to process nectar, but the cannabis plant does not produce nectar.

Yes, it is true: plant secretions of hemp may be present in flower honey, but this is not enough to qualify a product as ‘hemp honey’. This is clarified by an official EU document, the 1974 EEC directive, which describes honey as follows: ‘a foodstuff produced by domestic bees from flower nectar or secretions from living parts of or on plants, which they forage, process, combine with their specific substances, store and allow to ripen in the honeycombs of the hive’.

“Well, some traces of hemp may be present in flower honey. Isn’t that enough to be able to call a product with such characteristics ‘hemp honey’?”

Well, it is not enough! So let us shed some light on the matter.

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Hemp honey: no… but hemp food preparation: maybe

Bees flutter through the fields, searching for nectar and stray a few kilometres from the hive. Therefore, among pollen and other traces of plant secretions, impurities can be transported to the pack along with the nectar and be present in the honey. These are, in any case, in significant quantities.

This is probably also known by the Frenchman who became famous under the nickname Nicolas Trainerbees (Nicholas the bee trainer), who claims to have found a way to train bees to produce hemp honey. This lovely man calls himself the inventor of Cannahoney – honey paid thanks to his ability to ‘train’ bees to collect hemp resin and bring it into the hive.

He succeeded, perhaps sprinkling a sugary compound on the hemp flowers to attract the bees. Too bad the bees make propolis from the resin, not honey! So, the cannabis resin would not be used for honey but to seal the hive. And the traces to be found in the finished product are not sufficient to define that compound as ‘hemp honey’.

At most, it could be called a hemp food preparation. However, there is a relatively clear separation between honey and food preparation. When a flavouring or any other extraneous component is added to honey, it cannot be sold as honey but only as food preparation. In short, there is no such thing as hemp honey, so don’t trust anyone who offers you such a product and charges you top dollar for it.

Hemp sativa honey does not exist

Recipe for making hemp honey (pardon, food preparation)

If you want a food preparation that combines the taste and properties of honey with those of hemp, you can easily make it at home. Keep in mind, however, that cannabis by-products can contain large amounts of THC, a psychotropic substance that can have different effects from person to person. So, if you want to proceed with its preparation, consider your tolerance to cannabinoids and remember that they are illegal.

What do you need to make a honey-hemp food preparation? Naturally, a jar of honey, some cannabis tincture, a container suitable for cooking in a bain-marie and a pot. Once the tincture dosage has been established (let’s say one dose per tablespoon of honey), the two components must be mixed in the container. Then boil the water in the pot and place the container with the mixture inside. Then proceed to bain-marie cooking, stirring from time to time to distribute the dye evenly.

Once the cooking is finished, the product is left to cool and stored in an airtight container.

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In conclusion

If you have a passion for cannabis, you may be interested in the many derivatives of this plant. Today, however, you have discovered that honey cannot be considered. However, even if hemp flowers do not produce nectar, many other edible products can be made from this plant, especially from the seeds.

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