Cannabis sativa and online sales: helpful information

Useful information on selling cannabis sativa online

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Learn more about selling cannabis Sativa online: here’s what you should know

It is now 2021, and doubts about buying and selling cannabis continue to plague many people.

We know that you can buy marijuana seeds for collecting purposes and that you can only grow seeds that produce plants with low THC content and are approved by the EU.

What about the sale and purchase of the products? How does it work?

Can you buy cannabis online without risking problems with the law?

What does the law say?

This article will discuss cannabis Sativa and online sales to clarify any doubts you may have.

Buying cannabis sativa online

Is it legal to sell cannabis Sativa online?

It is essential to make a significant distinction to answer this question.

Today, there is hemp Sativa with a high THC content and hemp that contains minimal percentages of this cannabinoid, called light hemp or legal hemp.

The sale of the former is strictly forbidden. This is because it contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient that has adversely affected the fate of hemp plants for years and years because of its psychotropic effects.

Unlike its predecessor, CBD hemp – i.e. hemp with less than 0.2% THC – can be sold legally.

Once the psychotropic cannabinoid has been removed, only the plant’s other active ingredients remain, and these are not prohibited.

Of course, those who sell legal hemp, both to protect themselves and those who buy the products, must certify the origin of the herb. Once a product has been purchased, it must be possible to trace the batch of cannabis seeds from which it comes and the analyses that certify that the THC levels are within limits set by law.

What about consumption?

Like all other narcotics, hemp genetics with high THC concentrations cannot be used. The laws on legal hemp, on the other hand, are somewhat ambiguous.

It is not entirely clear whether legal hemp products can be used or not. Therefore, to avoid problems with the law, it is best to buy them only for collecting purposes.

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What is the best legal weed?

Having clarified that buying CBD cannabis is legal, you now probably want to know which are the best varieties around.

Keep in mind that the legal marijuana scene is constantly updating. Time and time again, new genetics with exceptional properties pop up, and some varieties win out over others from year to year.

In 2021, Icerock CBD, Moonrock CBD, California Haze Light and Mango Haze turned out to be the best legal cannabis strains.

As its name implies, Icerock has the appearance of a small ice rock. If you wonder why her flowers look like that, it’s because they’ve been dipped in CBD oil and then covered in pure cannabidiol crystals.

This highly regarded new addition to the world of legal cannabis contains up to 89% CBD!

Moonrock is also a very potent type of legal weed, in which case the cannabidiol content can be as high as 70%.

If these cannabis buds have a rock-like appearance, it is because they have been dusted with a generous dose of kief (legal hemp pollen).

On the other hand, CBD Mango Haze has won over many cannabis connoisseurs with its fruity and exotic aromas, of which mango is the star.

Finally, there is California Haze light, a variety of legal hemp famous for its sweet, fruity and smooth aromas, winning over most first-time buyers!

Buy cannabis sativa online

Where can you buy legal hemp online?

Choosing the right shop to buy legal hemp and its derivatives must be done wisely.

Today, many stores offer these products, but you can’t always trust them.

Before you make an impulsive purchase, prompted by the prices or the enticing images and descriptions, you should ensure that you are dealing with an online shop that can guarantee that its products are up to standard.

In particular, light marijuana buds must not contain more THC than is permitted by law (0.2 %), and lab test certificates must prove this.

Among the shops in this category, an undisputed leader is the JustBob store, which has always focused on the quality and safety of all its products.

All CBD-based products offered on its online platform comply with European laws on hemp cultivation (European Decree No. 639-2014; European Regulation No. 1307/2013); and have been analysed to ensure safety and legality.

If you’d like to collect inflorescences and derivatives, all you have to do is visit SensorySeeds!

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To conclude

In this article, we have clarified the main doubts that plague many hemp connoisseurs regarding online sales.

When dealing with products that comply with European standards, the sale is permitted. However, the rules on the consumption of hemp are unclear, which is why for the moment, it is best to buy this type of product only for collecting purposes.

Finally, in the hope that you have found this helpful information, we invite you to visit our SensorySeeds online store, specialising in selling cannabis seeds online.

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