What is ScrOG cultivation and what advantages does it offer?

The advantages offered by scrOG cultivation

Modified on: 07/09/2021

Scrog cultivation: all the advantages of horizontal hemp cultivation.

Hemp cultivation is a vast world.

There are many different techniques to follow from the moment you plant your marijuana seeds, through the vegetative phase, to the flowering and harvesting phases.

In this case, we want to bring up the ScrOG cultivation in particular, a somewhat strange name that is just an abbreviation for Screen of Green.

What does this technique involve?

Why is it said to be so beneficial?

Here are explanations, features, and advantages of this indoor hemp cultivation technique.

What is ScrOG cultivation? 

In nature, cannabis plants tend to grow upwards and a little less outwards (although this depends a little on the genetics of the cannabis seeds chosen).

Especially in the world of indoor hemp cultivation, this characteristic can make it more difficult to light the whole plant evenly, which is where the ScrOG technique step in.

Top obtained with scrOG cultivation

This method consists of using a net to even out the growth of the trunks and leaves of the plant, to make the most of the light from the lamps.

Basically, instead of letting each branches go upwards, obscuring the ones below, you weave them into the same plane on the netting, so that the secondary branches also get the right amount of light. 

While doing this, you usually also choose to remove the smaller, weaker branches growing below, so that the plant’s energy and sap are best concentrated at the top.

If you are thinking about how long it takes the canopy growers to do this, it isn’t very long. 

It is a gradual job, carried out bit by bit as the cannabis plant grows, so nothing too exhausting.

But why the name?

Well, the name ScrOG cultivation, or Screen of Green, comes from the fact that when you look down on the intertwined plants lit up by the lamps, it looks like you’re looking at a green lamp: a very special scenario.

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Advantages of Screen of Green hemp cultivation.

The fact that ScrOG is one of the most popular indoor growing techniques is no surprise, given the countless advantages it can bring to hemp plants.

Mainly, the positive effects of making hemp plants more horizontal are as follows:

  • More uniform exposure to light
    Hemp plants shaped with the ScrOG technique can use light much more evenly, without the need to constantly change or move the lighting system.
  • Higher yield
    The fact that the plants are able to absorb more light across their entire surface area means that their photosynthetic potential is maximized. More light the plant receives, larger the inflorescences become, and the higher is the quality of the harvest. In other words, for the same amount of space, a single sprouted plant can be more productive than several plants that have not been trained.
  • Uniform airflow
    The horizontal growth of hemp plants also has a positive effect on ventilation. By having an airflow at both the top and the bottom, the whole plant can be ventilated in the same way; thereby minimizing the possibility of moisture build-up and undesirable pathogens that could affect the plant.

As you can see, there are many advantages, but in order to achieve them, you also need to be able to follow the right timing. Read below to know more about it.

ScrOG cultivation net

ScrOG method: when to apply it?

Hemp growers who decide to choose the ScrOG method among the various hemp cultivation techniques should be clear about the timing of action before they start to weave the plant.

First of all, after planting auto-flowering, feminized or fast seeds, the net is usually placed 20 cm away from the pot.

At this point, you have to wait for each plant to grow until it is at least 5 cm above the net (also known as a screen).

It is very important not to bend and weave the plants too soon, as impatience could damage them. 

Not only that, but you also run the risk of running out of space too soon without having reached the right size to maximize yield.

So before proceeding with the ‘weaving’ of the cannabis plant, it is good to be patient and, once you have started, you can continue throughout the vegetative phase by switching to a 12/12-hour light/shade cycle.

Once the screen is completely full, you can induce the flowering phase.

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To conclude.

As you can see, although at first, its name might sound weird, the ScrOG method of marijuana cultivation is very easy to practice and is very convenient for plant yield, health, and quality issues.

Of course, in order to get good harvests, this is not the only thing to do, but it is very important to start with quality weed seeds.

Only quality feminized, fast or auto-flowering seeds can produce strong, lush plants with the right growth.

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