Small cannabis plants: how to adjust to save space

How to deal with a small cannabis plant to save space.

Modified on: 20/09/2022

What are the tricks for obtaining small and productive cannabis plants? Here are the techniques of cannabis growers

When growing cannabis outdoors, the large size of the plants—up to six metres—is not a problem at all. However, it’s different for indoor growers: knowing all the tricks to keep each specimen within a specific size is essential. What do you need to know to get a small and productive cannabis plant? Perhaps you need to start with the appropriate marijuana seeds? Or does it all depend on the cultivation method?

In this article, for information purposes only, we will clarify everything you know about growing small cannabis plants. Let’s get started! Small cannabis plant in pot

The importance of choosing the appropriate genetics

Experienced cannabis growers know that to control the size of a cannabis plant, you first have to start with the most suitable genetics. Especially when you are planning to start growing indoors, in a small space, the choice must be made carefully, or you risk having to fight with some absolute behemoths that want to grow so badly! If you want to obtain small cannabis plants, it is best to start with dwarf autoflowering seeds. The resulting specimens will flower automatically and independently of the photoperiod and be small, perfect for those with limited space. Having clarified the importance of choosing the appropriate genetics, we now turn to cultivation methods. Which ones will be the best for optimising space?
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The pot influences the development of a plant; here’s how to choose it

After deciding on the right genetics, it’s time for cannabis growers to determine where to plant their seeds. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think that any pot can be used, but this is not the case. So, which one should you choose? Ideally, it would help to plant your autoflowering seeds in a large but not too tall container. Why? If the pot is too tall, the plant will be encouraged to develop lengthwise, whereas if it is too small, the root system will not grow as well as it should, and the whole plant will suffer. By using a large pot, however, the roots will have plenty of room to grow strong and healthy, and the plant will develop with a tendency to anchor. In addition, such a pot will lead to the plant becoming more stocky and bushy but not too tall to be more stable. Hemp plant small

How to adjust light and temperature to avoid overgrowth of hemp

After the germination of cannabis seeds, the vegetative phase begins, and it is during this period the growth of the plants can be managed. For example, it is good to place the lamps a short distance away from the hemp specimens in indoor cultivation. If you wonder why this is so, it’s simple: when the light source is far away from the plants, they will stretch to reach it more easily. Bringing the light closer allows them to develop primarily in width. Another valuable measure for limiting the elongation of dwarf autoflowering plants is temperature control. In particular, attention should be paid to the heat, which, if too excessive, could stress the plants and cause them to grow taller. To avoid this, the ideal is to keep the ambient temperatures between 24 and 27° C: the gaps between the internodes will be minimal, and the buds will be packed and compact. When dealing with genetics, apart from auto-flowering and plant growth satisfying cannabis growers, lights can again be used to stop the vegetative phase and induce flowering. In particular, the hours of darkness can be increased so that the plants read this change as a seasonal change.
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In conclusion

This article has told you about the essential tricks that enable experienced hemp growers to develop successful micro-crops. With a thorough understanding of the characteristics of cannabis plants, you can take advantage of the best techniques to guide plant growth to your liking. Of course, this information will also be helpful for those who have repeatedly wondered why their cannabis specimens have remained small. That said, if you enjoyed our article, we invite you to check out the other articles on our blog. And that’s not all. If you are a cannabis enthusiast and love collecting seeds from the best genetics, you will find many unmissable offers in our e-shop. Choose from our wide range of quality weed seeds to complete your collection: feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, fast growing weed seeds, there is something for every taste! We look forward to seeing you on!