Autoflowering THC cannabis seeds: what they are and which one to choose?

What are autoflowering THC cannabis seeds and which ones to choose

Modified on: 26/08/2022

What are autoflowering thc cannabis seeds? How are they obtained, and which ones are the best?

They cause a sensation, are significantly in demand and are legal: we are talking about the autoflowering THC cannabis seeds, among the most requested products online and much loved by cannabis connoisseurs!

Cannabis seeds tend to be divided into 4 categories: feminized seeds, regular, fast flowering and auto flower seeds.

Today we will focus on the latter, autoflowering marijuana seeds, explaining what they are, what their origins and characteristics are. Let’s get started right away!

What are autoflowering seeds, and why are they called that?

The autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that can give life to marijuana plants with high THC content. They are classic hemp seeds, therefore rounded or oblong, of a colour that changes from grey to brown, about 5 mm large.

Why are they called autoflowering seeds, what are they?

Although the appearance does not tell any peculiarities of future plants, these are instead extremely particular. Autoflowering cannabis plants (also called automatic or auto) are distinguished from regular plants due to these advantageous characteristics:

  • Ability to flower automatically regardless of the current season. These plants do not depend on the photoperiod (the length of the daylight cycle) for flowering because they develop after a specific time.
  • Development times significantly shorter than with regular plants. If a traditional cannabis plant takes 6 to 9 months to develop and flower, an auto-flowering seedling will grow in just 2-3 months!
  • Medium-low height: about 1 meter in dwarf autos or only over 1.5 meters in XXL autos. On the other hand, regular hemp can go up to 5 meters when it has Sativa genetics and up to 1.80-2 meters when it has Indica genetics.
  • Outstanding resistance to parasites, mould, and temperature changes.
  • They lend themselves well to all types of cultivation: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.

Besides, the auto flower seeds BSF are also feminized; this means that they carry exclusively female genes and have over 90% chance of giving birth to female cannabis plants.

Of course, female marijuana plants produce flowers with a high THC content: this is why autoflowering THC marijuana seeds cannot be grown in the UK but only collected.

Let’s now go into the genetics of auto-flowering hemp varieties.

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How are autoflowering seeds produced?

You must know that the best seed banks, such as BSF Seeds, carry out extensive studies to create the best products on the market. Not surprisingly, autoflowering cannabis seeds meet the needs that most growers have in common, as they produce plants:

  • With a rapid development
  • Fast and automatic flowering
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric agents, moulds, and insects
  • From medium-low stems, therefore cultivable in any environment, even the smallest
How are autoflowering seeds produced?

Seed banks have come to obtain strains with these extremely advantageous characteristics after studying the peculiarities of Ruderalis cannabis for a long time.

Not surprisingly, auto-flowering seeds are born from the cross between excellent Ruderalis plants (low, resistant, fast and independent of the photoperiod) with plants of Sativa and/or Indica genetics.

The Indica and Sativa’s genetic contribution is fundamental because it determines the high THC content of the plants, the excellent yield in terms of flowers and the characteristic tastes and much appreciated by the admirers of the product.

The automatic seeds varieties in circulation are indeed an infinity, but some stand out remarkably over the others as they are treasured.

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The best THC auto-flowering seed strains

To “find” the best autoflowering strains on the market, growers and collectors are looking for both auto-flowering and feminized seeds that are fast, resistant and with fine genetics.

For example, here are the most requested automatic seeds in our Sensory Seeds shop :

  • Gorilla Glue, one of the most famous strains in the world born from the cross between Chem Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel
  • Sig Sour XXL, derived from Sour Diesel Auto
  • Godzilla Glue, born from the cross between Gorilla Glue # 4 and Girl Scout Cookies
  • XXL ice cream, which comes from 4th generation Sunset Sherbert X Male Girl Scout Cookies

On Sensoryseeds, you will also find 4 kits of autoflowering seeds, or the highly requested:

  • All-Stars USA Auto Mix (12 seeds split between OG Kush Auto, Girl Scout Cookies Auto, Sour Diesel Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto)
  • Psycho XXL Auto Mix (12 seeds split between Amnesia XXL Auto, AK XXL Auto, Lemon Haze XXL Auto and London Cheese XXL Auto
  • Red Line Auto Mix (12 seeds, 3 of each variety: Red Skunk Auto, Red Kush Auto, Red Sugar Auto and Red Critical Auto)
  • Dealer Deal XXL Auto Mix (12 seeds, 3 of each variety: Critical +2 XXL Auto, Black Dom XXL Auto, Moby D XXL Auto and Northern XXL Auto)

Visit our online cannabis seed shop now and expand your collection! We are waiting for you!