Sowing cannabis: why (and how) the moon affects plant growth

Following the lunar calendar for sowing cannabis

Modified on: 29/07/2023

Sowing hemp according to the lunar calendar: everything you need to know

When it comes to cultivation, one comes across different schools of thought for every type of plant, including hemp. Among the most curious and seemingly bizarre methods is certainly the one that is based on the lunar cycle. That’s right: there is a school of gardening that bases sowing and harvesting on the position of the moon.

But does this technique make scientific sense, or is it based purely on astrology? In the following lines, you will find out where moon-phase cultivation originates from, which phases are best for sowing and why.

Full moon

The Origin of Moon Phase Cultivation

Many people are astonished at the idea that agriculture and astrology have anything to do with each other. Yet, some growers choose the period in which to sow and germinate seeds after looking at the moon phase calendar. Odd practice? Well, not exactly. Although many bells say that this technique lacks scientific basis those who espouse it claim the opposite.

The use of the lunar calendar is not a newly developed methodology, but rather a reference to traditions of the past. Many ancient peoples followed this school of gardening, convinced that the moon’s movements around the Earth also influenced the growth and development of plants as well as other biological aspects of the planet such as tides, animal behaviour and women’s menstrual cycles.

Among the peoples who in the past followed the motion of the moon to orient themselves regarding sowing are the Native Americans, but other indigenous peoples have also practised this technique for centuries. Underlying this method is the belief that the lunar cycle affects not only the quantity and quality of crops but also the speed of seed germination. It is also widely believed that the right time to sow plants changes depending on where the production of flowers or fruit takes place: if it takes place underground, the right time is the waning moon, if it takes place above ground it is the crescent moon.

But to be more precise, when should cannabis seeds be planted to accelerate plant growth and optimize yield? Find out in the next paragraph.

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When to plant cannabis? On a full moon!

About the fact that the cannabis plant produces its flowers above ground and not below, there is little doubt. However, the crescent moon phase sees our satellite moving and changing shape as the days go by. Of course, during this phase the Moon’s influence on the Earth is not always equal and planting marijuana seeds on any given day of the crescent Moon cycle does not produce the effects muchly vaunted by the promoters of this technique.

Assuming that planting cannabis seeds is forbidden by law in Italy (unless one has special authorizations for the production of light marijuana or medical cannabis), when should one plant seeds according to the lunar calendar? According to the proponents of this method, the best time to sow is around the full moon; this is because, on these days, the water in the air would be pushed towards the surface of the soil, thus providing the seeds with more moisture, which is crucial for their germination.

By having a good supply of moisture, cannabis seeds—if planted on these days—germinate more quickly and consequently, the wait for the first harvest is also reduced.

Sowing hemp according to the lunar calendar

The ideal harvest time according to the position of the moon

Needless to say, from the moment that auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds or fast-flowering seeds are sown and brought to germination, growers devote themselves to the maniacal care of their plants with one goal at the top of the list, which is to have a satisfactory harvest in terms of both quality and quantity. Generally speaking, the best time to harvest cannabis inflorescences is during the new moon. During this time, the plants should have a minimum water level, which will significantly shorten the drying process.

Before harvesting the fruits of their labour, growers must ensure that water is supplied to the plants during both the vegetative and flowering phases. Here too, the moon can play an important role, particularly in the supply of nutrients. Those who adopt this method argue that this action should take place during the waning moon phase; fertilizing plants at this stage of the lunar cycle should favour the uptake of nutrients and optimize the final yield.

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Bottom line

Although most growers do not consider the lunar calendar for planting and harvesting, this method fascinates and intrigues many cannabis enthusiasts. As already mentioned, however, germinating marijuana seeds in Italy is forbidden by law. What is not illegal, however, is to buy cannabis seeds online or in physical shops operating in the sector.

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