What is CBG and how it is present in cannabis plants

What is CBG and what role does it play in the marijuana plant?

Modified on: 07/09/2021

In-depth study on cannabigerol (cbg): find out what it is and why it is very important

CBD, THC, CBG… It’s not just about acronyms, but the ones we just named are some of the most important cannabinoids, produced by the cannabis plant.

In this article, we want to focus in particular on CBG, the least known, but apparently the most indispensable cannabinoid for the development of many substances that distinguish the properties of this incredible plant.

Here you can find out why, from when the marijuana seeds are planted to the ripening phase, very important processes that take place have CBG as the protagonist.

Here are the details of this substance, its role and many other curiosities…

Marijuana leaf and CBG

CBG: what is it? Here is the substance from which the other cannabinoids originate

CBG (cannabigerol) is a cannabinoid produced from cannabis, just like the better known THC and CBD.

Although CBG was first isolated in 1964 along with THC, for a long time it has not been heard of.

You’ve probably only recently learned about it.

Well, the reason depends on the fact that when hemp plants are harvested and dried this substance is detectable only in percentages equal to 1% or even lower.

How come?

From the moment the cannabis seeds are planted to the flowering phase, marijauna plants go through different phases characterized by precise chemical processes.

As for CBG, we can say that it is a precursor for the other best known cannabinoids.

The acidic form of CBG — CBGA — thanks to chemical processes, is transformed into THCA and CBDA and many other cannabinoids.

This means that when the percentages of CBG are high, those of the other cannabinoids are low and vice versa.

Since the importance of cannabigerol emerged within the cannabis plant, it has begun to be called using the nickname of “mother of other cannabinoids” or “cannabis stem cell », and countless more in-depth researches have begun, especially to find out more deeply what effects this substance can have on the human body.

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Curiosities about CBG extraction

Having clarified that CBG is not a minor cannabinoid but, on the contrary, plays a role of particular importance, now you are probably wondering when it is extracted, seen, and considered that at some point it transforms.

To extract fairly substantial quantities of cannabigerol, it is necessary to proceed with the collection of hemp in advance of the usual timing (this is for plants born from autoflowering seeds, fast or feminized seeds).

Recently however, both in order to be able to carry out more research and because this substance is already having success in various niches of the market, new genetics have been studied specifically to encourage the production of this substance.

So if you’re going to extract more CBG, the right cannabis seeds can make all the difference.

Let’s now find out what are the effects of CBG on humans.

CBG: properties and effects

CBG or cannabigerol is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, which means that interacting with the human body does not alter mental faculties.

To understand what effects this substance can have, however, numerous experiments have been carried out, which have highlighted in particular the following:

  • Based on two studies carried out on rats, conducted at the University of Reading (UK) in 2016 and 2017, it seems that the intake of this substance may increase appetite.
  • Some studies have shown that prolonged intake of this substance could inhibit the development of certain categories of tumors.
  • Other laboratory tests have shown that the intake of CBG could have neuro-protective effects;
  • A doctor specializing in medicinal cannabis, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, said that based on her research it has emerged that cannabigerol can influence the perception of pain, can appease inflammation, and act positively on many other disorders that affect the human body.

Research on this very important cannabis-derived substance continues and we will soon know even more.

CBG used in cosmetics

CBD and CBG in comparison: here are the differences

Having a fairly similar name and being two non-psychotropic cannabinoids, there are many people who wonder what the differences between CBD and CBG are.

First of all it is important to specify that these are two different substances: CBD, as explained before, comes from the transformation of CBG into acidic form, so they can be considered a bit like “mother and child”.

Currently, CBG in Europe has been accepted as an ingredient in the world of cosmetics, as it seems to have different soothing properties in contact with the skin, but, from the point of view of oral intake too little is still known.

CBD is regulated differently and is mostly sold in the form of oil and crystals, although in many countries the consumption of this substance is still illegal.

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To conclude

Now you know the main curiosities and information about cannabigerol, the mother of all cannabinoids.

Studies on this substance continue and soon we will be dealing with more and more new cannabis genetics capable of producing more CBG.

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