Certified hemp Sativa seeds: the complete list

The list of certified hemp sativa seeds

Modified on: 20/09/2022

There are 75 varieties of certified hemp sativa seeds. Here is the complete list…

There are thousands of uses for hemp, and its benefits are well known to the public. It is why the prejudice against hemp and its derivatives is being abandoned a little more every day, while interest continues to grow.

For this reason, both hemp in general and its seeds are subject to regulations and continuous legislative updates in Europe and around the world that regulate their use, cultivation and consumption. In Europe, there are currently 75 certified varieties of hemp Sativa seeds that can be legally cultivated for industrial purposes, according to the update of 8 April 2021.

The only legal requirement regarding cultivating these varieties for industrial purposes is the THC content. This active ingredient may be contained in the plant up to a maximum of 0.06%. This is because this active ingredient has a psychotropic function. Therefore, it cannot be present in large quantities in legally cultivated varieties of hemp.

However, it should be noted that we are currently talking about varieties that are legal to be grown for industrial purposes according to European legislation. If we look at light hemp seeds in Italy, those that can be bought (also on our website SensorySeeds) are only usable for collecting purposes.

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But what are the legal varieties of hemp sativa seeds available on the market? Here they are listed below:

Legal hemp sativa grown for industrial purposes
  1. Adzelviesi
  2. Armanca
  3. Asso
  4. Austa SK
  5. Balaton
  6. Beniko
  7. Bialobrzeskie
  8. CS
  9. Cannakomp
  10. Carma
  11. Carmagnola
  12. Carmaleonte
  13. Chamaeleon
  14. Codimono
  15. Dacia Secuieni
  16. Delta-405
  17. Delta-llosa
  18. Dioica 88
  19. Earlina 8 FC
  20. Eletta Campana
  21. Epsilon 68
  22. Fedora 17
  23. Felina 32
  24. Fibranova
  25. Fibrante
  26. Fibrol
  27. Fibror 79
  28. Finola
  29. Futura 75
  30. Futura 83
  31. Férimon
  32. Glecia
  33. Gliana
  34. Glyana
  35. Helena
  36. Henola
  37. Ivory
  38. KC Bonusz
  39. KC Dora
  40. KC Virtus
  41. KC Zuzana
  42. KCA Borana
  43. Kompolti
  44. Kompolti ibrido TC
  45. Lipko
  46. Lovrin 110
  47. MGC 1013
  48. Marcello
  49. Marina
  50. Markant
  51. Matrix
  52. Mietko
  53. Monoica
  54. Olivia
  55. Orion 33
  56. Pūriņi
  57. Rajan
  58. Ratza
  59. Santhica 23
  60. Santhica 27
  61. Santhica 70
  62. Secuieni Jubileu
  63. Silvana
  64. Sofia
  65. Succesiv
  66. Teodora
  67. Tiborszallasi
  68. Tisza
  69. Tygra
  70. Uniko B
  71. Uso-31
  72. Villanova
  73. Wielkopolskie
  74. Wojko
  75. Zenit

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Monoecious and dioecious varieties

Among these seed varieties that can be legally used for industrial purposes, we have two significant subgroups: monoecious and dioecious varieties. These have different characteristics in terms of the type of crop and the end product sought from them.

Dioecious varieties: these varieties have plants with unisexual flowers on different plants so that we will have a male plant and a female plant. They are usually used to produce hemp fibre, biomass, hemp pellets or inflorescences. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of some of these varieties:

Twine obtained from the variety of hemp sativa dioica
  • Selected Carmagnola: this is mainly used to obtain textile fibre and is therefore selected using the Bredemann method, which allows the fibre content of the male plants to be analysed before flowering starts to maximise it as much as possible.
  • Eletta Campana: this is an Italian variety that is also one of the most widely used. It is the result of crossing Carmagnola with some German species and is mainly used for biomass production, although recently, it has also been used to produce seeds and inflorescences. It develops more resin than average, giving it a very intense aroma and scent.

Monoecious varieties: Monoecious plants also have unisexual flowers, but on the same plant. Their primary use is to produce other seeds, i.e., hemp flour and oil. Here are some types:

  • Use 31: This is a Ukrainian variety with early flowering and is mainly used to produce seeds. The predominance of flowers is male, which guarantees a large production of seeds.
  • Futura 75: a French variety that adapts very well to Italian soil. It has a height of about 2-3 metres and intermediate flowering. It is mainly used for seed development but is also satisfactory for biomass production.

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