Marijuana flower: what it is called and what it looks like

What the marijuana flower is called and what it looks like

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Marijuana flower… the unknown! Everyone talks about it, but no one knows what it is called and what it looks like. So let’s find out together!

People passionate about cannabis and everything related to this plant often wonder how the marijuana flower works and what it looks like exactly. To satisfy this curiosity and interest, we at SensorySeeds, who sell cannabis seeds for collecting purposes, would like to take a closer look at the essential part of the plant, the cannabis flower.

What does it look like? What is its function? These and many other questions will be answered below. Meanwhile, however, we also invite you to stop by our shop and discover the many available products.

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Cultivating the marijuana flower

Marijuana flower growing

Getting marijuana flowers is not easy. If we think about the cultivation process (in its legal forms, of course), it is worth noting that you can encounter the same difficulties as with the cultivation of garden plants, such as tomatoes.

It is precisely because of the emergence of inflorescences that a canapiculturist can tell whether the plant is growing properly or not. With the appearance of the flowers, we get a first fundamental piece of information because it is mainly based on these that we can tell whether we are dealing with a male or a female plant, whether the plant is hermaphroditic and much more.

To allow the plant to produce many buds and therefore many flowers, it must be topped, enabling the formation of even more new buds. Thus, flowers usually grow in various places on all the plant’s stems.

If a white filament emerges from the node before flowering, the plant is a female. On the other hand, male plants do not produce buds and typically flower two weeks earlier than female plants.

The stamens produced by male plants have a large amount of pollen, and frequently, there are no white filaments but a cluster at the end of the flower, where the pollen is contained.

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Topping and fertilisation

Growers and industrial cannabis producers know that the buds and flowers must grow a lot to get a good yield from any plant, including in height. By monitoring the cannabis plant, you can tell if it is growing in the right way or not.

For example, if the nodes increase too much, this is not a good thing because there are too many flowers, and they will be too small as a result. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to cut off the lower branches when they are in formation. It concentrates on the growth of the plant and the production of flowers at the top.

To allow the plants to grow vertically, you can also attach a net and use the screen of green method. You can also tie up the upper branches, combining this practice with uniform pruning. In this way, the hemp flowers will increase on top and grow more densely and evenly.

Flowers and pistils

Pistils of the flowers of the cannabis plant

From the pistils of cannabis plants, we can deduce the sex of the plant. They are the reproductive organs of the female plant and contain the ovules. Their peculiarity is that they change colour as the hemp buds ripen. This is because when the female cannabis plant is not fertilised, it concentrates on flower production.

Fertilisation is, of course, carried out by the male plants, which produce pollen, as already mentioned, with the hatching of the balls which go on to fertilise the hairy female specimens.

The first flowering phase lasts about three weeks, and the plants must be kept lit in cycles of 12 hours during the day and 12 hours at night. The proper lighting allows the flowers to grow enormously, even doubling size.

Also, crucial in cannabis cultivation is proper ventilation. The right amount of carbon dioxide allows the flowers to grow luxuriantly; in fact, it can be said that the more carbon dioxide there is in the environment, the more resistant the plants will be to high temperatures and the taller they will grow. Therefore, it is good to place a ventilation rotor, which allows air to circulate and keeps the plants healthy.

To conclude

It is how growers produce the best flowers from their cannabis plants.

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