Does CBD really fight THC? Let’s clarify

CBD counteracts THC | SensorySeeds

Published on: 30/01/2023

The interaction between cbd and thc and the entourage effect

Many cannabis consumers wonder if CBD can actually counteract the effects of THC, the psychotropic drug par excellence.

In fact, knowing the effects of their possible interaction is important in order to be prepared for possible consequences and to know what we are facing.

That is why in this article we will talk about the role of the entourage effect and what happens if you take CBD and THC together.

The interaction between CBD and THC | SensorySeeds

Let’s get straight to the point: Can CBD counteract the effects of THC?

CBD and THC are two of the best known and most studied cannabinoids. Over the past decade, the media have popularized their various properties, medicinal and otherwise, and growing public awareness continues to advance the cause of cannabinoids in medicine.

So, the question commonly asked is: can CBD counteract the effects of THC?

To answer the question: yes, CBD can counteract the effects triggered by THC.

This claim has been proven both clinically, through studies exploring the future possibilities of cannabis-based medicines, and through numerous anecdotal reports from recreational users.

CBD and THC levels vary between different cannabis strains.

From a recreational use point of view, CBD is not conventionally sought after. THC, on the other hand, is psychoactive and therefore has recreational applications. It is usually the THC level that defines the overall ‘potency’ of the strain, although this depends on how it is used.

Cannabis strains with high levels of CBD, on the other hand, are very popular with medical cannabis users, as well as ‘CBD’ recreational users looking to unwind without necessarily entering a potentially dysfunctional euphoria phase.

This is because CBD is non-psychoactive and is rich in therapeutic effects.

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The similarities and differences between CBD and THC: how one contrasts with the other

Of course, the main difference between THC and CBD is that THC can get you high, while CBD can’t.

At the molecular level, the two compounds are quite difficult to distinguish. This fact is not surprising, as marijuana plants create both compounds from the same ‘mother of all cannabinoids’: CBG.

Yet, a tiny chemical difference is responsible for THC’s unique psychoactive effects. As we have repeatedly stated, CBD has no perception or cognition altering properties: in other words, it is not psychoactive.

However, both CBD and THC can have effects on the body and brain, and they do so by interacting with two types of receptors.

These are the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which are found in the central nervous system and throughout the body. These receptors regulate all kinds of related processes

  • to the immune system;
  • to emotions;
  • to the metabolism;
  • to other critical functions.

Both cannabinoids bind to these receptors in different ways. The effect of THC is produced by the activation of the CB1 receptors located in the brain. This activation alters sensory perception of stimuli, affects memory and mood, and increases heart rate.

CBD (cannabidiol) has a completely different effect. Although this cannabinoid also affects the CB1 receptors, it functions as an antagonist, which means that CBD dampens the effect caused by THC.

Cannabis cbd and thc | SensorySeeds

Interaction between CBD and THC: what is the entourage effect

Various studies have shown that the so-called entourage effect, which defines precisely this interaction when CBD and THC, as well as other cannabinoids, are combined, enhances the effects of the latter.

If the separate use of these drugs already produces positive results in the treatment of some symptoms and pathologies, together their potential is much greater and their effects last longer.

Exactly, that’s right.

A striking example is the fact that when CBD and THC are consumed together, the former manages to inhibit the psychoactive effects of the latter. This way, THC levels are significantly reduced and there are no side effects.

Therefore, thanks to these combinations of CBD and THC, all the therapeutic benefits can be obtained without any inconvenience or discomfort.

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In this article we have tried to answer the question that many cannabis users have been asking: could CBD counteract the effects of THC?

As we have seen, cannabidiol is capable of weakening the stronger effects of THC and, at the same time, the interaction between the two cannabinoids allows you to benefit from the best part of the two compounds for a longer period.

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See you soon!