Hemp oil for massage: what are the benefits and how is it used

Benefits of hemp oil for massage

Published on: 26/12/2022

A valid alternative to traditional oils for its relaxing and soothing properties

Products derived from hemp and, in particular, those with CBD (non-psychotropic derivative of cannabis) are today at the center of interest in the scientific and industrial world due to their alleged beneficial properties and multiple potential uses.

In this field, one of the most appreciated and popular products is hemp oil which, in addition to being a food supplement used to address various health problems, is also used to give massages.

We talk about it in this article, focusing precisely on its topical application, or rather on the properties and benefits of cannabis oil for topical use.

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Because hemp oil is no ordinary massage oil

Woman who received hemp oil massage

The main and also the most widespread hemp oil for topical use is the one based on cannabidiol (CBD), thanks to its recognized anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory which, as various studies testify, can help reduce muscle tension, contributing to relaxation of the body, and even counteract skin inflammation and real skin diseases, such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

It is therefore understandable that CBD oil does not simply serve to reduce friction and facilitate the sliding of the hands on the skin. Its peculiarity as a massage oil is that it provides precious nourishment for the skin, thanks to its moisturizing and antioxidant action.

Hemp oil for massages: properties and benefits

Let’s go into more detail and see what are the beneficial properties associated with a topical use of hemp oil.

We said that CBD also has moisturizing and antioxidant effects.

Well, it is precisely because of these properties that today it is increasingly used as an ingredient in the preparation of massage oil and cosmetic products.

In fact, hemp oils have a high content of essential fatty acids. Therefore, when used on an epidermal level, they hydrate the skin, making it softer and healthier; this type of product lends itself to being used especially in case of dry and chapped skin.

The antioxidant properties of CBD, on the other hand, make it an important component in the preparation of anti-aging products: creams and ointments based on this active ingredient would allow the physiological signs of aging, such as wrinkles, to be effectively fought .

As we have anticipated, however, the main beneficial effects of CBD derive from its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

And the many athletes who increasingly resort to this product are well aware of this. Also due to the latest scientific evidence collected, since 2018 CBD is no longer included in the list of doping substances drawn up by the World Anti-Doping Agency (World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA).

According to many sportsmen who use it to soothe muscle tensions and contractures associated with intense physical activity, CBD oil is absorbed in a short time, providing a sensation of pain relief.

Hemp oil can, in fact, be used not only to take care of the inflamed area, but also to mitigate painful states of a different nature, such as muscle strains or back pain.

Simply put, when we massage the inflamed area with a few drops of hemp oil, the cannabinoids it contains interact with our body through the endocannabinoid system.

As a consequence of this interaction it would be possible, on the one hand to counteract local inflammation, accelerating the healing processes, on the other to reduce pain by influencing the perception of the same to modify its threshold.

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Hemp oil for massages: are there any health risks?

Hemp oil for massage: health risks

Given the many benefits, one wonders what the contraindications are.

Hemp oil acts peripherally at the epidermis level, therefore, it does not enter the circulation in the bloodstream, nor does it reach the nervous system. Therefore, there are no particular health risks.

However, studies on the topical use of CBD oil are still ongoing and it is still too early to be certain, especially regarding the right dosage. This does not mean that the first results appear promising and would seem to exclude the onset of side effects.

Ultimately, regardless of the use of hemp oil, if the goal is to dissolve an insistent and painful muscle contraction, the advice is clearly to rely on a professional masseur or a physiotherapist, so as to accelerate healing and avoid complications.

However, when the aim is to have a relaxing experience that helps release accumulated tension and relax the muscles, CBD oil could prove to be an excellent solution for giving and receiving massages in complete autonomy.