Indica VS Sativa marijuana seeds: main characteristics and differences you need to know


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Indica or Sativa seeds? Here are the differences between the two varieties.

Indecision grips you and you really don’t know whether to buy Indica or Sativa weed seeds? Don’t worry: it’s a question that many people have in stock before purchasing cannabis seeds online, whether it’s feminised seeds or auto flower seeds, so today we decided to look into the subject in more detail.

After reading this article, you will know in detail the difference between these two varieties of marijuana seeds and the characteristics of the plants they can give birth to.

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Let’s start by telling you the differences between 100% Indica and Sativa seeds.

feminized seeds indica and sativa

All the differences between Indica and Sativa cannabis seeds

Although you will find the genetics of the strains specified in the marijuana seed packages, you may need to know what Indica and Sativa seeds look like.

Below are the characteristics of these two broad categories:

  • Cannabis Indica seeds: medium-large size, ovoid shape and surface studded with black or very dark streaks. These striations can be similar to the coat of a zebra or recall the reflection of the sun’s rays on the surface of the sea.
  • Cannabis Sativa seeds: small size, rounded shape and mostly uniform colour.

However ,you should know that the genetics available on the market tend to be hybrids, i.e. the result of crosses between Sativa and Indica plants and often also with Cannabis Ruderalis: the ‘wild’ marijuana variety. Crossbreeds can make plants, flowers and their effects extremely special and achieve qualities sought after by cannabis growers.

Hybrid varieties have characteristics common to both genetics in terms of stem, leaves and flowers as well as effects. Let’s go and see what these characteristics are.

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Differences between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants

It isn’t easy to find 100% Indica or 100% Sativa weed seeds online, mainly because the characteristics of the plants and their effects are both highly sought after. We can say, however, that varieties with one or the other genetics predominate tend to reveal to a greater extent the peculiarities of the one that prevails.

Here are the qualities of Cannabis Indica and Sativa plants that you can recognise in hybrid plants as well:

  • Indica marijuana stem, leaves and flowers: the stem of this genetics develops in a way that resembles a Christmas tree and does not grow very tall, reaching a maximum of one and a half meters when grown outdoors (Indoor the size is even smaller). Indica flowers are medium-sized; in this case, the buds grow in clusters and very close to each other, developing at the nodes of the stem and branches. The leaves of Cannabis Indica are short and wide.
Indica Cannabis seeds and leaf
  • Sativa cannabis stem, leaves and flowers: The Sativa marijuana stem is tall and slender. When grown outdoors, it can easily reach 5 meters in height! The shape of the plant is very similar to a candelabra. The flowers are larger than those of Cannabis Indica; they grow, apart from each other, along the entire length of the branches and not only in internodal spaces, while the leaves are tapered and long.
sativa weed seeds and leaf

As we have anticipated, the effects of the two genetics also differ. Read on to find out how!

Indica and Sativa Cannabis effects

If you take Cannabis flowers from plants with Indica genetics, you will notice the following effects:

  • Mental and muscle relaxation.
  • Relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Strong predisposition to good sleep.

As you can see, these are mostly bodily sensations. In contrast, the effects of Cannabis Sativa are mainly affecting the psyche:

  • Euphoria.
  • Strong energy.
  • Creativity.
  • Reflexes.
  • Strong tendency to socialise.

It is no coincidence that cannabis Sativa is more appreciated by those looking for fun and an alternative remedy to anxiety and depression. In contrast, those looking for Cannabis Indica often have difficulty falling asleep, muscle pain and stress.

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Hybrid varieties have a mix of the effects mentioned above: for example, Sativa or 50/50 dominated varieties initially give euphoric effects, followed by a very relaxing effect to help you sleep.

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