Feminised Auto-flower seeds: here’s what you need to know to choose the right ones for you


Modified on: 10/02/2021

Characteristics and useful information about autoflowering feminised seeds.

Feminized Auto flower seeds, also called auto flower seeds, are cannabis seeds with exceptional characteristics. Among these, the most renowned is undoubtedly the very high probability of generating female marijuana seedlings + the speed of growth and flowering of the seedlings themselves.

Today we would like to talk to you in detail about these products, explaining what the term “auto-flowering seeds” means and what are the advantages. However, we would like to remind you that this discussion is for information only.

We do not advise you to sprout them (you would commit an administrative or criminal offence depending on the situation), but you can buy them as collectable weed seeds.

Let’s get straight to the point: in the following paragraphs, you will find everything you should know about autoflowering female marijuana seeds!

meaning auto flower seeds

What is the meaning of autoflowering feminised weed seeds?

Before we talk to you about the meaning of autoflowering feminised seeds, we need to explain what feminized seeds are, leaving out the term “autoflowering” for a moment.

Marijuana seeds can be of many types, but if we focus on the sex of future marijuana seedlings, we can break them down into regular seeds and feminised seeds. A regular cannabis seed has a 50/50 chance of producing a female or male seedling, while a feminised seed has over 90% chance of producing a female cannabis plant.

As you may know, almost all marijuana growers aspire to female seedlings as they are the only ones that flower and produce large amounts of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Male plants, on the other hand, have pockets of pollen capable of fertilising female plant inflorescences. In this case, the female plants interrupt the flowering and the production of cannabinoids to develop weed seeds.

It is usually bad for cannabis growers, which is why they have decided to treat the cannabis plants hormonally to give birth to feminized seeds, which are very likely to produce female seedlings.

Back to our topic! Feminized Auto flower seeds are born from a cross between a feminised Cannabis Indica or Sativa strain and a Cannabis Ruderalis strain. One of the peculiarities of Ruderalis, and therefore of auto-flowering, is the automatic flowering: the plants produce flowers according to age and not according to the amount of light and darkness received.

By introducing this information, we can explain all the qualities of feminised autoflowering seeds clearly and understandably.

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Unique characteristics of autoflowering feminised seeds.

The cannabis seeds online on Sensoryseeds, produced by the prestigious weed Seeds BSF Bank, are all feminised, including autoflowering seeds. As a result, each auto flower seeds BSF variety has the following characteristics:

  • They have over 90% chance of generating female cannabis plants.
  • Female plants born from autoflowering seeds automatically produce their inflorescences, whether they receive many hours of light or very few. The flowering of these plants depends on their age, unlike seasonal cannabis plants which only flower when they receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day. It has to be said, however, that cycles of 24/24 hours of light, 20 hours of light/4 dark or 18 hours of light/6 dark guarantee an optimal yield of the automatic seedlings.
  • The flowers of feminised autoflowering plants are rich in THC and usually develop within 6 weeks after seed germination. Growers can then harvest the flowers within 11 weeks. There are also very fast autoflowering varieties, called fast flowering feminised autoflowering, which are ready to harvest after 6 or 7 weeks at the most.
  • Autoflowering plants are small in size, like Ruderalis, and are said to be very resistant to pests, mould and temperature changes. In any case, it is best to treat them well and not to risk compromising the harvest!
high yield auto flower cannabis seeds

The advantages and disadvantages of feminised autoflowering seeds come from these seedlings.

Autoflowering feminised seeds: pros and cons.

These cannabis seeds have both advantages and disadvantages that mainly affect the needs of the individual grower.

Advantages of autoflowering feminised seeds:

  • They have a very high probability of generating female cannabis seedlings.
  • The plants born from these seeds have very fast growth and flowering.
  • It does not matter how many hours of light and darkness the seedlings receive. They will still flower according to their age.
  • Flowering times are very short. Growers can harvest auto-flowering cannabis buds a few weeks after development.
  • The plants born from these seeds have a very low height (usually not more than one metre) and are very comfortable for indoor growing.
  • Autoflowering varieties resist low temperatures, weeds and mould well, so they are also suitable for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation.
  • The development of these plants is so rapid that growers can obtain numerous harvests throughout the year.

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Disadvantages of feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds

For plants born from these seeds to produce an excellent harvest, they must receive many hours of light and few hours of darkness (e.g. 24/34 hours of light, 18/6 hours of light and dark or 20/4 hours of light and dark). It could result in higher costs for the grower. If they receive fewer hours of light than indicated, the plants still bloom but do not guarantee a good harvest.

Due to the short stature of the plants, the yield of autoflowering varieties is lower than that of exclusively feminised plants.

The growth of auto-flowering plants is so fast that if damaged and suffering, they do not have time to recover. For example, racking is not recommended.

Now you know all about feminised autoflowering seeds and the plants they can generate! Don’t wait any longer: and buy the best autoflowering seeds and even fast growing weed seeds at Sensoryseeds now. They are waiting for you!