Micro-culture: these are the secrets of the world of indoor micro-culture

Details and important information about cannabis micro-culture.

Modified on: 26/08/2022

Details and important information about cannabis micro-culture

Micro-cultivation is a technique used by those who have a small space at home, but still want to devote themselves to growing cannabis seeds. Unsurprisingly, we always talk about indoor micro-cultivation and hardly ever about outdoor micro-cultivation.

This article will talk about everything that has to do with cannabis and weed seeds micro-cultivation, but please note: this is not a micro-cultivation guide, but a thorough study for information purposes.

We advise you not to practice what you read unless you live in a country where it is possible to grow marijuana at home. In most part of countries worldwide, this practice remains a criminal or administrative offence, depending on the case.

After this clarification, let’s see what micro-cultivation is and the characteristics of this technique.

Information about cannabis micro-culture.

Micro-cultivation: what is it and for whom is it useful?

Cannabis plants, unless they are auto-flowering dwarf plants, are generally over one metre high.

Some methods allow you to control the plant’s height and still obtain an excellent flowering yield for those who do not have an outdoor greenhouse and are dedicated to indoor cultivation.

One of them is the “Italian micro-cultivation”, a technique that allows to grow marijuana even when there are not large spaces.

Micro-cultivation is indoor cultivation using a small greenhouse. Some people plant marijuana seeds in a small box to create a tiny greenhouse with small Plexiglas panels— some use the goldfish aquarium—the less imaginative use ready-to-use micro greenhouses.

In addition to being a suitable solution for those who live in flats, it is an inexpensive technique (also because it is possible to plant a few seeds, or even one).

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What are the tools used by producers dedicated to micro-cultivation?

Those who dedicate themselves to micro-cultivation as a hobby or for therapeutic/recreational purposes, use the following equipment:

  • A small greenhouse, often home-made.
  • Soil for hemp seedlings (0.5 to 5 litres depending on the size of the greenhouse. The smaller the quantity of soil, the lower the height of the plants)
  • Natural fertiliser, such as bat guano
  • Small LED or HID lights
  • A reflective screen
  • A hygrometer and a thermometer to measure humidity and temperature regularly.
  • Of course, cannabis and marijuana seeds.

But what are the cannabis seeds preferred by those who are dedicated to micro-culture? And therefore, the most suitable weed seeds for this technique?

Seeds for micro-culture? These are the most suitable for micro-cultivation of micro-cannabis.

Micro-cultivation aims to grow as many plants as possible in a small space or to germinate only one seed at a time to allow a single plant to grow to its maximum (or almost maximum) potential.

Micro-culture and seeds

The most suitable products for this are dwarf auto-flowering seeds

These are auto-flower seeds capable of producing small plants, but with a very satisfactory yield. The reason for these characteristics is simple: auto-flowering seeds is the result of the crossing between ruderalis cannabis plants and feminised Indica or Sativa plants.

As a result, they inherit the characteristics of both varieties:

  • Very low stem, reaching a maximum height of 60 cm.
  • Female plants (auto-flower seeds BSF are also feminised)
  • Flowers that develop automatically, regardless of the photoperiod.
  • High resistance to parasites, mould and atmospheric agents
  • Satisfactory, but not very high yield (usually 450/500 grams per square metre)
  • Very fast flowering and ripening (the fastest plants, born from fast growing weed seeds, reach maturity in about 6 to 7 weeks).

In general, the shortest and fastest flowering plants are fast flowering strains, the favourites of those who can devote themselves to indoor cannabis cultivation.

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In conclusion

Micro-cultivation is a cannabis cultivation technique in which fast flowering seeds are sown in a tiny greenhouse to keep them indoors.

It is ideal for those who live in a small house and don’t have much space to devote to a greenhouse, but still want to try their hand at growing cannabis.

However, we want to remind you that in The UK, it is only possible to collect hemp seeds, as their cultivation is punishable by law with an administrative or penal sanction depending on the scenario.

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