Buying ganja seeds? Here are 3 reasons to buy them at SensorySeeds!

Buying ganja seeds at Sensoryseeds? Here are three reasons.

Modified on: 26/08/2022

Selling ganja seeds online: all the reasons to choose SensorySeeds for your collectible cannabis seeds

Since the news spread that buying ganja seeds is perfectly legal in the UK, the marijuana seed market has grown exponentially and thousands of people are looking for the best strains of these products.

Although it is forbidden to grow cannabis in the UK, buying seeds is possible because they do not contain THC or other cannabinoids. These are extremely fine products that many people choose to collect, looking for the rarest varieties and the best prices.

For example, SensorySeeds has chosen to trade BSF cannabis seeds because this company is one of the best seed banks in the world. So we want to give you 3 good reasons to buy your collectible seeds at our SensorySeeds shop and choose us as your trusted shop!

Are you ready? So sit down comfortably because we’re just about to start.

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1) BSF Seeds cannabis seeds are the best in the world

As we said before, on our online marijuana seed shop, you will find only BSF Seeds products.
Why did we choose them?

The reason is simple: BSF (abbreviation for Bigger, Stronger, Faster) is the best seed bank globally. It has been producing THC hemp seeds for decades, crossing the best varieties in order to offer high-level species that are sought after by all collectors.

In addition to best sellers such as Gorilla Glue # 4 seeds, BSF produces new and limited edition strains. For example, on SensorySeeds you can find:

  • Lebron Haze seeds
  • Double Cookies
  • Godzilla Glue
  • Mango Juice
  • OBG Kush
  • El Gaucho

And many more. You can also buy auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and fast flowering seeds according to your preferences, with unmissable quantity discounts.

BSF cannabis seeds are the best in the world

2) Buying ganja seeds on SensorySeeds means enjoying good quantity discounts to save lots of money

Autoflowering, feminized seeds and quick cannabis seeds are not cheap, we know it very well. Their price derives both from import costs (these products can only be grown in some American states, so they arrive in the UK after a long journey) and from additional expenses such as the following:

The production is very expensive due to the maintenance of the greenhouses, the costs of lighting and irrigation and of the biological nutrients used during the various stages of growth of the seedlings. It is also necessary to consider the staff involved in all stages of production and all seeds discarded because they are imperfect: those who buy cannabis seeds must receive only excellent products.

Packaging costs. The best seed banks pack the products in vacuum bags or capsules, in order to preserve all the characteristics of the seeds. If they put the hemp seeds in classic containers, without a vacuum, buyers would receive spoiled, moldy and poor quality products.

The years of research dedicated to the selection of the best species. To get the best cannabis strains you need to study, experiment and be patient.

Does the cost of cannabis seeds seem too high?

We at SensorySeeds have chosen to offer you the lowest prices on the market and we (constantly) give you the opportunity to save in 3 ways: offering you important quantity discounts, guaranteeing free shipping with a minimum order of 60 € and offering you bulk seeds at an exceptional price.

The bulk seeds available are vacuum packed in a bag of 10 + 1 gift seed. We also have solutions for all budgets!

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3) At SensorySeeds you don’t have to spend too much to receive the best qualities of cannabis seeds

Our online cannabis seed shop has solutions for any budget. For example, if you have a limited budget you will find the following products perfect:

  • Gorilla Glue #4 bulk and feminized seeds, which cost € 2.99 per piece
  • Godzilla Glue feminized autoflowering seeds, from € 2.68 per piece
  • Lemon Blossom seeds, autoflowering and feminized seeds, from € 2.68 per piece
  • Orange Blossom feminized autoflowering seeds, from€ 3.84 per piece

If you have a higher budget and love feminized seeds, we suggest you the following products:

  • Mango Juice Seeds,from € 5.55 per piece
  • Rainbows feminized marijuana seeds, from € 4.13 per piece
  • Darth Haze seeds, from € 5.55 per piece

These are just some examples: our online store is full of varieties and even kits of the best cannabis seeds!

Buy the best cannabis seeds at Sensoryseeds without breaking the bank

In conclusion

Today we have given you 3 good reasons why you should choose us.

We offer you the finest BSF feminized, autoflowering and fast flowering seeds at the best prices on the market, in order to suit any budget you have. In addition, shipping costs are free with a minimum order of only € 60!

Don’t wait any longer: visit SensorySeeds now to discover the finest qualities of weed seeds BSF.