The situation about cannabis seed shops in the UK and Europe in September 2020

Let's see what the situation of cannabis shops is in September 2020

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Here is the situation of grow shops in autumn 2020

The boom in cannabis seed shops is linked to many factors, and much of the credit goes to the appeal of marijuana seeds to cannabis enthusiasts. They are called “grow shops,” and they are very popular, but what is their situation in September 2020?

Before we get to the point, let’s make a brief historical digression. This will give you a better understanding of what we are discussing. Until the 1940s, cannabis Sativa seeds, used for food purposes, were cultivated on Italian soil mainly to produce textile fibres. Only later was cultivation prohibited.

Cannabis seed shops in Europe and elsewhere, currently represent a small victory for the anti-prohibitionist world. Online grow shops, such as SensorySeeds, and those found on the streets worldwide, offer the chance to get in touch with what nature considers to be the most spontaneous thing imaginable: seeds and life.

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Updates about cannabis seed shops in Europe

Cannabis Seed Shop in September 2020

The information we have gathered so far allows us to say that these are not simple shops if we consider how long cannabis lovers had to wait before getting close to this plant (without breaking the law).

Today, cannabis seed shops in the UK and abroad often sell more than just marijuana seeds, which is why they are recognised as growshops.

The following types of shops fall into this category:

  • Head shops: these sell more than anything else smoking paraphernalia.
  • Cannabis shops: are stocked with various cannabis products (clothing, food, books, etc.).
  • Smart shops: selling legal psychoactive substances
  • Seeds hops: those physical or virtual places where people buy collectable seeds and gardening items.

Note that in Italy for example, in 2018, there has been an exponential growth of these shops throughout the country; now, hundreds more have been added after a couple of years.

Physical shops, online shops… and other changes

In general, online shops such as SensorySeeds specialise in selling the following types of seeds (for collecting purposes):

But buying marijuana seeds online is not the only gateway to the world of cannabis. It is indeed possible to turn to traders in physical locations, who very often have other intriguing merchandise in their space.

Cannabis seeds, if cultivated, lead the cannabis plant to germinate and produce THC-rich flowers, thus creating a condition of illegality in our country. 

However, since Law 242 was passed in 2016, the situation has slightly changed. For example, between 2013 and 2018, land used for cannabis increased from 40 to 4000 hectares.

Therefore, marijuana seeds cultivated according to current legislation, can give rise to plants used in food, textiles, cosmetics and green building. For some years now, the presence of numerous products using cannabis seeds or flour has been evident on supermarket shelves: oil, pasta, biscuits, sauces and even desserts.

Pharmacies are also beginning to stock cannabinoid medicines, which can be purchased for therapeutic purposes, on prescription from your doctor. It is as if the grow shops have broadened their horizons.

What are telling you is that there is a world in turmoil behind the discourse of cannabis seed shops in the UK and in Europe.

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The situation in September 2020: covid pushes cannabis seeds online sale on online shops like SensorySeeds

Buying cannabis seeds online

The pandemic has put everyone in a unique position. From employees to retailers and from the general population to institutions, everyone in their way has had to react and review their priorities.

When it comes to grow-shops, like almost all businesses, they have been forced to close. Besides, some of them have closed their doors entirely, this has not had the tragic repercussions one might expect.

A paradoxical result has been the growth in sales of legal weed. Many people have equipped themselves to cope with the financial crisis and the health crisis by working online. Some crises have been transformed, and what could be done was done!

Some companies did ‘business’ in America because, in some states, cannabis had been legalised just before the Covid emergency. Again, the shops that have organised themselves to work online are the ones that have prevailed.

If, before the virus, the reality of the net was experienced as the present, not just the ‘future’… we can now say with certainty how fundamental it is in the field of commerce.

As far as SensorySeeds is concerned, we want to reassure you that we will continue to work to bring our content to the blog and your collectable seeds to the online shop and into your homes. Visit the shop and discover all the products available!