Cannabis milk: how it is prepared and what its effects are

All about cannabis milk

Modified on: 21/09/2022

Here is everything you need to know about this delicious beverage

If you are a lover of cannabis seeds and marijuana in general, you probably know that this plant can also be used to prepare infusions or dishes. But beyond herbal teas, biscuits and other dishes, it is also possible to prepare marijuana milk.

In this blog article, we will explain how this drink is made, its effects, and which types of milk you can use to make it.

The decarboxylation of cannabis is an important process

How to make hemp milk

To prepare cannabis milk, starting with a straightforward chemical process called decarboxylation is essential. The word ‘chemical’ may have made you think of a complex process, but the truth is that it is within anyone’s reach. All you have to do is expose your marijuana buds to a temperature of 110° C for about half an hour. Why is decarboxylation so important? Well, because it serves to release the active ingredients of the hemp.

Once this is done, you can start preparing your drink. The choice of milk is at least as necessary as the choice of type of weed; since the latter contains cannabinoids (fat-soluble substances), you would do well to use milk rich in fat. This way, you will achieve a perfect result. Although the amount of cannabis can be discretionary, an expected value might be 1.5 g of ganja per half a litre of milk.

Preparation begins with heating the milk. After pouring it into a small saucepan, place it on the cooker and heat it over a low flame without letting it boil. When the temperature is high, you can add the crushed and decarboxylated cannabis to the liquid and continue cooking (consistently over low heat so as not to bring everything to a boil) for at least an hour, stirring frequently. After the liquid has needed time to assimilate the cannabinoids in the herb, you can turn off the cooker and allow the mixture to cool a little. Then, using a filter and gauze, strain the milk and pour it into a bottle.

It is then up to you to decide whether you want to consume the product immediately or store it in the fridge (if recreational cannabis use is allowed in your country).

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What are the benefits of cannabis milk?

The drink you get from this sort of decoction of marijuana in milk is greenish, similar to the milk and mint you probably went crazy (or mad) for in childhood. But, of course, the effects of this milk are quite different and may coincide with benefits that vary depending on the type of marijuana. A light variety, for instance, will give the milk anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. In contrast, a classic variety (with a considerable THC percentage, in other words) might also provide the typical high that comes with inhaling it.

A substantial aspect of taking cannabinoids via edibles is the duration of the effects, which appears to be longer than with inhalation. Consider, however, that more time is needed for the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream (about one hour). Knowing these peculiarities is essential because, if you see no effect, you may think you are taking a quantity of hemp milk that you can poorly tolerate.

Another thing you should know is that it is not advisable to consume alcohol before or after drinking hemp milk, especially if this is your first time.

The benefits of hemp milk

Just like hemp tea, hemp milk can also be a vegan drink

In the section where we talked about the preparation of hemp milk, we talked about milk generally, emphasising the importance of choosing a high-fat product. If you habitually drink whole milk, you may have thought we were implying that cannabis milk could only be made from this type of product. Many plant-based beverages (improperly called ‘milk’) can be used to create a cannabis drink.

Since so many people nowadays cannot or do not want to consume whole milk for moral reasons or because of food intolerances, we would like to specify that other products can be used to make a hemp drink similar to cannabis milk.

Soy milk, for example, contains 4 g of fat per cup, coconut milk even 57 g per cup, while almond milk contains only 3 g per cup; the latter can be a solution for those on a diet, although the effects are likely to be less potent precisely because the cannabinoids are better released in contact with fat.

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In conclusion

In this article, we have explained how hemp milk is prepared and what effects it can have. Please note that this milk can also be used to make smoothies, desserts and as an ingredient for other dishes. We at Sensoryseeds, however, would like to advise you to be very careful as, in many countries (including the UK), the cultivation and use of cannabis and its derivatives are prohibited by law.

However, buying marijuana seeds for collecting purposes from an online shop like ours is not prohibited. Visit us to browse our fast-flowering seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds.