How to dry weed quickly: 3 effective methods

3 quick ways to dry your weed

Modified on: 20/09/2022

What are the best methods for drying marijuana quickly? Here are the three most commonly used systems

From the moment the cannabis seeds are planted to the growth of the plant and the harvest, these plants need a lot of care. Of course, attention, and dedication are required, but the work doesn’t end there to get the most out of the cannabis buds: drying must also be done.

Experienced cannabis growers have sophisticated systems that allow them to carry out this operation flawlessly.

What are the best ways?

Below, for your information, you can find out three methods most commonly used to dry cannabis buds quickly. Before we go any further, however, we would like to remind you that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis are not permitted in most countries.

Let’s get started.

Cannabis in the drying phase

Drying cannabis: are there any quick methods?

Usually, to dry cannabis inflorescences, you need to wait about a week or two, depending on the type of product you have in front of you and its degree of humidity.

Occasionally, however, for various reasons, including the rush to make sure that all the marijuana buds are ready to be harvested, it becomes necessary to figure out how to dry the weed quickly.

Even when growing quality plants (such as BSF fast seeds, BSF feminized seeds, etc.), finding the ideal time to harvest is essential!

But getting back to the main topic, are there any quick-drying methods that, at the same time, do not damage the quality of the crops?

It is essential to clarify that not being in hurry and waiting for natural drying is always the best way to obtain fragrant, quality buds. Still, there are indeed some quicker and not too aggressive methods. 

Let’s see what they are.

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Method 1: Paper bags and small fans

When the flowering time arrives, the desire to find out whether the flowers from the crop are of good quality or not is tremendous.

A lot of time passes from the time the marijuana seeds are planted to this stage, and to avoid picking all the buds at the wrong time, it can be handy to test a few flowers.

In cases like this, cannabis growers will usually take paper bags (the brown ones typically used for bread), put some buds inside them and leave them dry for a few days.

By placing the hemp flowers in the paper bag within about five or six days, they should be dry.

If you are in an even greater hurry, you can add the help of a fan to this system. But be careful: it must be a small fan, very gentle, and, if possible, bring some warm air to the buds.

Without other systems, it could be beneficial to use the fan of a laptop computer.

Are you wondering how?

It is simple. To prevent the internal components from overheating, personal computers use a fan to carry the hot air outside. Then, by placing the paper bag with the buds inside near the fan (when the computer is switched on, of course), you can dry the grass in no time. 

With this system, you can also do without the paper bag, as you can place the tops directly on a sheet of paper or a napkin, taking care to turn them often.

Paper bag for drying marijuana

Method 2: Using the heat of the boiler

In farms or at canapiculturists’ homes, there is almost always a boiler room for heating water.

That’s it: one idea for drying cannabis buds quickly could be to put them around this system

Because the boiler is turned on, the room temperature will always be relatively mild, and the buds will dry out quickly.

Those who take advantage of this stratagem usually put the marijuana flowers in paper bag. In contrast, others hang them on a string (the latter method is only possible if dealing with large buds).

Method 3: Exposure to the sun

Another of the systems used to dry cannabis buds is the oldest: using sunlight.

Heat and sunlight allow cannabis buds to dry quickly, but they can also damage their quality and aroma if too intense.

Therefore, those who choose to use this method should protect the flowers with a paper bag (it’s best to be careful even during the hottest hours, especially in summer) and then wait a few days.

What NOT to do to dry the herb quickly

When you want to dry your cannabis buds rapidly, some methods are strongly discouraged, two in particular: using a conventional oven and a microwave.

Oven temperatures are far too high for drying cannabis, and even set the temperature to the lowest setting will result in scorched, poor-quality products.

Putting cannabis buds in the microwave is also a bad idea, as the oils in the buds will start to fry and crackle, and the buds will practically be ruined.

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To conclude

As we have seen, there are a few ways to dry marijuana buds in a few days without compromising their characteristics too much.

Of course, to obtain top-quality products, it is best not to hurry and dry the buds naturally or to use machines specially designed not to change their properties.

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