How to get huge cannabis buds in 5 easy steps

5 steps to get bigger and fuller cannabis flowers

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Curious how to get the biggest, full cannabis flowers? Here are 5 of the best tips

Suppose you are a marijuana enthusiast and like to keep up to date with marijuana properties and cultivation techniques. In that case, you are probably intrigued that some cannabis growers, even using the same varieties of cannabis seeds as others, manage to achieve bigger harvests.

What’s the secret?

How to get huge, quality buds?

Dedication and experience are among the ingredients that lead to great results, but there are also many tricks. 

In the following, we will tell you about the five main steps to grow hemp plants with giant buds!

Cannabis bud

Growing huge buds starts with quality seeds

Experienced hemp growers know that to get to the harvest stage with abundant and large flowers, it is essential to buy quality marijuana seeds, which are only supplied by reputable shops or seed banks.

Buying products like BSF seeds is like buying genetically tested products that leave no room for doubt as to their quality and effectiveness. 

By sowing just any kind of seeds, you may find yourself investing unnecessary time and energy in plants that will never grow or maybe defective or of inferior quality. However, by choosing products such as BSF feminised seeds, BSF fast seeds, etc., you can be sure of getting the best results right from the start!

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Proper nutrition: the key to perfect growth

If you wonder how to get huge buds from your cannabis plants, you should know that to develop at its best, just like many other plant species, the marijuana plant needs to be adequately fed according to its growth phase.

Even if the substrate you are using is of good quality, it is essential to periodically supplement the nutrition of the cannabis plants with appropriate fertilizers.

During the vegetative phase (before flowering), cannabis plants need N-P-K fertilizers in a 2-1-1 or even 3-1-1 ratio to develop to their full potential.

When they begin to flower, however, the proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) in the fertilizer need to change to obtain large, beautiful buds: the amount of nitrogen needs to be decreased, or the flowering process will slow down, while phosphorus and potassium, which are perfect for stimulating flower growth, need to be increased.

Ideal lighting

When cannabis plants are grown indoor, the dosage of light can also be adjusted to produce quality flowers.

In the vegetative phase, we usually give the plants 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark, while in the flowering stage, we switch to a 12-hour light and dark cycle. This rule (although it is not universal) applies to almost all varieties of hemp, apart from those born from auto-flowering seeds.

In this case, the plants’ flower on their own without the need to vary the light cycles. 

If you have read about hemp growers who increase the yield during flowering to 20 or even 24 hours of light and wonder if this method works, the answer is that it does, but only if you can assess the health of the plants. 

Excessive light sources could burn the apical part of the plants, damaging their growth instead of increasing their productivity.

Cannabis flowers

Temperature and humidity: the secret is stability

One of the secrets to the successful development of large cannabis flowers is taking care of the room temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid sudden changes in these parameters.

First, keeping the temperature between 20 and 28° C during the day is good and less than 15° C at night.

As far as humidity is concerned, the ideal during the vegetative phase is 50-70% and during the flowering phase 40-60%.

These conditions are ideal for the development of the buds and limit the occurrence of mould and rot.

Pruning the plant: a way of directing energy to the buds

Pruning is one of the tricks to encourage the development of cannabis buds

Why is pruning useful if you want to know how to get huge buds?

Eliminating the plant’s smaller branches, the less developed inflorescences, and some of the leaves that shade out the larger buds means allowing the plant to channel all its nourishment towards the best flowers.

The more nourishment the apical buds can get, the more they will grow and become compact.

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The secret to quality cannabis flowers is to leave nothing to chance. Nourishment, light, heat, humidity, and pruning must be taken care of, and, of course, you have to start with quality cannabis seeds.

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