Drying cannabis: 3 things to know

3 secrets to perfect cannabis drying

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Here are the secrets of drying marijuana to perfection

From the moment cannabis growers plant their seeds, their primary goal is to obtain a quality harvest.

In addition to the cultivation phase, however, it is also essential to pay attention to the drying of the cannabis, or the previous work will be lost.

This article will tell you about the essential steps that experienced cannabis growers take in this phase to obtain quality products that are free of defects or problems.

Cannabis plants hung for drying

Cannabis drying: what it is and why it is important

Cannabis drying is the process of removing moisture from the crop. It is necessary to consume the resulting products and store them without developing mould or rot.

In addition to the above, the drying of marijuana is also necessary to trigger several critical terpene transformation processes.

Let’s get into the details.

Fresh buds, provided you can light them (where permitted), produce a bitter smoke and have a low-quality terpene profile. Properly dried buds, on the other hand, are rich in flavour and are easy to use.

After drying, the cannabis buds must also be tanned. Tanning consists of keeping the marijuana buds in closed containers for about 15 days. 

If the weed is not dried correctly or is only partially dried before tanning, the product is very likely to be damaged by mould and pathogens during this stage.

Removing moisture from the buds before consumption is therefore essential.

Now let’s find out how to dry cannabis impeccably.

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The procedure of cannabis drying: the 3 basic steps

As explained in the previous paragraph, besides choosing quality marijuana seeds and growing the plants with the proper care, it is also essential to carry out a professional drying process to obtain good products.

What is essential to know to carry out this process in the best possible way?

Let’s take a look at the three crucial points.

Harvesting: The way you harvest makes all the difference

To dry cannabis buds, they must first be harvested.

Some cannabis growers prefer to cut the buds directly from the plant when harvesting, while others prefer to cut part of the branches and leaves along with the buds and only separate the flowers when the drying process is complete.

When is it better to opt for one method rather than the other?

Consider that the larger the volume of the plant attached to the tops, the longer it will take to dry.

If the drying process takes place in a very hot and dry environment, keeping some plant material will prevent the buds from drying out too quickly.

On the other hand, the drying phase occurs in an environment with a less than mild climate. Therefore, it is better to ‘cure’ the buds directly on the plant so that the drying time is not too long.

Ventilation: the secret is homogeneity

After harvesting, it is time to find the right location to dry the buds. 

If the tops have been left attached to the branches, hanging them up is ideal. 

Some people use wires, some use hangers, and some create unique structures for this process: whichever way the canapiculturists choose, the trick is to keep the branches well apart so that every part is properly aired.

If the tops have already been cut from the plant, the best option is to let them dry on a net. 


A base such as a net allows air to circulate the entire surface of the flowers, preventing some areas from remaining wetter than others.

Whichever method you choose, the secret is to create a perfect ventilation system: if the air reaches all parts of the flowers, they can dry evenly.

Slow drying: no rush

To obtain quality cannabis buds with excellent aromas and the ideal consistency, it is essential to wait for the right time.

As a general rule, the perfect drying environment should have a temperature of around 21 °C and a humidity of approximately 50%.

When dealing with tiny buds (so-called popcorn buds), the drying time will be short, whereas larger buds will take longer to dry completely. 

Remember that forcing the drying of cannabis flowers means changing their aromas, sometimes even making them unpleasant.

If the cannabis buds are still attached to the branches, they can be considered ready when they come off quickly, and there are no plant fibres still fresh to resist. Another way is to try splitting the branches: the drying phase should be over if they break when you flex them.

When the flowers have already been detached from the rest of the cannabis plant, you have to wait for them to dry out, but be careful: they should not crumble in your hands (in which case they would be over-dried).

As far as drying time is concerned, keep in mind that the larger buds will take about two weeks, while the smaller buds may take as little as one week.

Buds dry after drying

Drying cannabis outdoors: is it a good idea?

Usually, the drying of cannabis is done indoors, and there are many reasons for this.

First, indoors, you can control the temperature, humidity, and ventilation: if the temperature is too high, the buds will dry out too quickly; if the humidity is too high and the ventilation is poor, this will facilitate the growth of mould and pathogens.

Another advantage of enclosed spaces is that they can be cleaned and disinfected, limiting pathogen attacks once again.

Opting to dry cannabis outside, on the other hand, may lead to several problems. 

Firstly, there is the danger that the buds will deteriorate both physically and aromatically when exposed to sunlight, and then there is the question of smell.

During the drying phase of the cannabis, the smell emanating from the plants could be forceful and, due to the wind, could reach nearby homes or businesses, creating a nuisance.

Indoors, it would also be possible to limit the propagation of the plant’s aromas by using unique suction systems.

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To conclude

As we have seen, the success of drying cannabis depends on several factors.

Firstly, how the cannabis buds are dried will also change depending on how the harvest was carried out. Secondly, you need to make sure that you dry the cannabis buds in the right environment with a proper ventilation system.

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