Scrog Method (Screen of Green): the unparalleled advantages of this cultivation technique

The unrivaled benefits of growing with the ScrOG method

Published on: 07/05/2021

All you need to know about the scrog method, one of the most used indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques

Even if you’ve never grown cannabis but collect marijuana seeds, you’ve no doubt seen images of plants growing with buds placed on top of a nylon screen. This particular technique is called the Scrog method, short for Screen of Green, or Green Screen.

Today we will talk precisely about the SCROG cultivation method, explaining in detail what it is and why it is one of the favourite techniques of marijuana growers.

However, we recommend that you do not practice this technique — unless you live in a country where it is permitted to grow weed indoors for recreational or therapeutic use. In fact, in the UK, planting cannabis seeds is a criminal offence if done with the intent to distribute marijuana to third parties and an administrative offence if done for personal use.

Scrog: what is this cultivation method, and what does it consist of?

The Scrog method, different from the equally well-known Sog method, is a cannabis growing technique that maximizes yield and guarantees excellent flower quality.

Before explaining what it is, let’s start with the fact that, in nature, marijuana seeds and plants grow more in height than in width.

It involves considerable problems: growing with the branches very close to each other, cannabis has a greater chance of developing moulds, fungi and not thoroughly enjoying the sunlight or artificial light. Furthermore, when the branches are filled with inflorescences, they risk breaking, sending part of the crop to the air.

The Screen of Green allows you to solve these problems

Precisely, it consists of guiding the plants to develop the buds (full of flowers) horizontally and uniformly. Cannabis growers who take this approach place a panel with a large mesh nylon net over the growing medium and bring the branches over the net as they grow.

The goal is to bring up the branches that grow lower in the boot and down the higher components, to distribute them evenly on the same plane.

Have you ever seen a photo of a Baobab tree (or were you lucky enough to see this tree live during a trip to Africa)?

Here it is:

Baobab with horizontal branches like the scrog method

As you can see, this tree develops its crown horizontally. It is precisely the goal sought by growers who adopt the Scrog method: a green expanse that grows horizontally on the nylon screen.

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Why do so many marijuana growers adopt the Scrog method?

The adoption of the Scrog technique has significant advantages:

  • Increase the yield, as it exposes all branches to direct light.
  • It allows all branches to develop flowers optimally: a plant grown to perfection with the Scrog method has large, fragrant buds rich in cannabinoids.
  • It favour the passage of air through the branches, preventing mould and rot.
  • It contains the branches from breaking under the weight of the large inflorescences.

However, the adoption of this method is certainly not without its disadvantages.

For everything to go smoothly, it is crucial that the plants are positioned not too close to each other but, at the same time, not so far as to create spaces between one canopy and another.

Finding the right arrangement is very difficult for novice growers who have to study several tutorials to avoid making mistakes!

There is unfortunately more, as breaking the branches is easy. Therefore, it is necessary to handle them with extreme delicacy, as if they were newborns, to avoid damaging them when they fold outwards.

It is essential to position the screen at the right height for the different varieties in this regard. The taller Sativa-dominant strains need a panel positioned around 50-60 cm tall. In contrast, the shorter indica-dominant strains need a panel positioned approximately 20 cm high from the growing medium or plant.

Cannabis plant that grows with the scrog method

Can the Scrog method be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, absolutely! Those who can grow auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and quick cannabis seeds adopt the Scrog technique both indoors and outdoors, having the foresight to position the screen only once the plants have been transferred to their final location.

Transplanting marijuana with the screen already in place would mean increasing the risk of breaking several branches and irreparably ruining the plantation.

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In conclusion

Today you discovered what the Scrog growing technique is and how growers develop it while trying not to make mistakes.

As we have anticipated, this article is for informational purposes only because we at Sensory seeds strongly advise against growing cannabis (unless you live in a country where it is allowed to do so).

What you can do instead is collect marijuana seeds! Speaking of which, visit our online cannabis seed shop, Sensoryseeds now.

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