Sowing without soil? How is it possible?

Here's how hemp seeds can be germinated without soil!

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Is it possible to germinate hemp seeds without soil? The answer is yes. Here’s how

To the uninitiated, this might seem impossible, but it is possible to sow and grow plants without soil and achieve excellent results.

If you are wondering how to grow seeds without soil … the answer lies in what is known as hydroponic agriculture.

This method is also used in hemp farming: cannabis seeds are germinated without using soil, and the seedlings are fed with water and nutrients throughout their growth.

In the following, we will explain how to sow without soil and how hydroponic agriculture works.

All this is, of course, for information purposes only. We want to remind you that growing cannabis is not permitted in Italy.

Enjoy your reading!

Sowing without land, a practical example

How to sow without soil? Here is the most common method

When we think of sowing, whether we are talking about marijuana seeds or any other plant, the image of soil and the necessary tools immediately comes to mind.

Today, however, it is possible to germinate hemp seeds without using soil, coconut fibre or any other type of substrate.

How then?

Simple! Harness the power of water.

You can make a pot for germinating marijuana seeds using simple plastic containers (or other non-porous materials) with a perforated lid.

Inside these containers, you usually place sheets of blotting paper (or any other material with the same characteristics) moistened with water.

The weed seeds are then placed on top of these sheets, giving them the space they need to grow.

The most important thing at this stage is to take care not to create waterlogging.

What is the advantage of sowing without soil?

The seeds are always in view to monitor germination, and you save a lot of space.

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Hydroponic growing: How does it work?

Once the hemp seeds have generated cotyledons and the first true leaves and roots have developed, it is time to transfer the hemp seedlings to develop to their full potential.

One of the main methods of growing hemp without soil is hydroponic farming.

According to this technique, the plants are only grown through the action of water.

Basically, the seedlings are fixed, and their roots expand in a tank full of water and nutrients.

The nutrients in the water are not enough, so it is up to the grower to add the appropriate fertilisers for each stage of plant growth.

Sowing without soil and growing in hydroponics

Advantages of hydroponic growing

If you are wondering why a hemp grower would choose to grow without soil, you will be surprised to learn that the advantages of this practice are many.

Growing hemp using hydroponics

  • enables you to grow hemp plants of any genetics (from fast, auto-flowering or feminized seeds) and in any period;
  • optimises space;
  • makes plants grow faster;
  • it limits the occurrence of bacterial and parasitic attacks (which often arise from the substrate);
  • it avoids the need to remove weeds.

In addition, hydroponic growing systems have developed tremendously compared to the past.

Whereas in the past, it was the grower who had to pay attention to every single parameter, today, there are ‘smart’ systems that take care of everything. They modulate light intensity according to the needs of the plants, warn when water levels get too low and keep nutrient percentages under control.

In short, growing without soil is an option that more and more hemp growers are considering, and putting it into practice is less complicated than you might think.

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To conclude

As we have seen, growing plants without a substrate is possible and is not just limited to marijuana; it is also used for many other plant species (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).

Germinating seeds without soil have several advantages (even when dealing with top-quality seeds like BSF seeds). First, it allows you to monitor the growth of the plants from the very first days and, since you don’t have to buy substrate or prepare it, you save time and money.

Of course, continuing the cultivation with hydroponics is also advantageous. Constantly checking the condition of the roots and dosing the nutrients precisely and meticulously at every stage allows you to keep an eye on the development of the plants.

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