How to choose the type and shape of the pot to plant cannabis seeds

Let's see which pot is good for planting cannabis seeds

Published on: 18/08/2021

Is there an ideal pot form to plant marijuana? And a material? Here’s everything you need to know about pots to grow hemp

To obtain quality crops, in canapiculture it is important not to leave anything to chance: even the choice of pots can greatly affect the growth of a hemp plant.

Well, yes. Pots are not just simple substrate containers, but they are the home of roots, one of the most important parts of marijuana plants.

Are you wondering what material or form of pot the most experienced canapicultors are aiming for?

Do you want to know if there are any containers better than others?

By reading this article, you can satisfy your curiosity on the subject, know why focus on one type of pot over another and when is the best time to replace the pot, from the period in which the marijuana seeds are planted up to the flowering phase.

Circular shape of the terracotta pots

Why grow hemp in pots?

If you have repeatedly wondered why most canapicultors plant cannabis seeds in pots and not directly on the ground, it is understandable.

Why not take advantage of the fields?

It is, basically, a choice made for convenience.

Growing in pots allows, if necessary, to move hemp plants with great simplicity.

It may be necessary to do this in case of parasitic attacks, a change in the amount of light needed, but also for many other reasons.

In addition to the ‘displacements’ issue, however, using the vessels also allows you to better monitor the quality of the substrate, being able to replace or enrich it, if necessary, in a much simpler way.

Having clarified how advantageous pot culture can be, let’s move on to the reasons why the type or shape of the container also affects the growth of the hemp plant.

What is the type or shape of jar that allows to obtain quality marijuana crops?

Let’s see the main details to consider.

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Relationship between pot and plant: attention to size

Although many novice canapicultors neglect this aspect, the choice of the type of container in which the marijuana seeds will be planted (such as Bsf seeds) has a decisive effect on the way the plant will grow.

The pots affect the expansion of the roots (which in the case of cannabis are particularly long), the temperature and humidity of the substrate, the oxygenation of the plant, and many other equally important aspects.

That is why it becomes very important to pay attention to the size of the containers.

The larger a plant is, the more it will need space: a pot that is too small would hinder its natural growth and cause the roots to tangle, one that is too large could cause water stagnation or nutritional problems.

Let’s say that, in most hemp crops, the pots start from a capacity of 4 liters, although there may be variables depending on whether you plant autoflowering seeds, fast seeds or any other type.

The size of the pot for autoflowers, for example, should be quite large from the beginning: if you grow this genetics, it is in fact not advisable to practice transplantation because, stressing the plant would cause a slowdown in growth.

As for photoperiod marijuana plants, on the other hand, repotting can be practiced, but not too often.

To understand whether or not it is time to increase the size of the container, it is necessary to examine the roots:

  • if these have enough space to expand, then the pot is adequate;
  • if, on the other hand, the roots begin to show signs of tangling, it is important to switch to a larger size.

Vase shape: is it important?

Many users are curious to know if the shape of the pot can also affect the growth of the plant.

Again the answer is that it depends on the roots.

Whatever the shape of the chosen container is, circular, rectangular or irregular (as in the case of fabric pots), what matters is that the long roots of hemp plants have the necessary space to expand at their best.

The most common form of vase is certainly the circular one. Some canapicultors, however, find it useful to use rectangular ones, for a better organization of the spaces from the moment of planting the seeds (especially if the dwarf autoflowering plants are cultivated).

Irregular pot shape: fabric containers for cannabis

Materials of the vases: here are the pros and cons of the different types

As you already know, there are many types of plant pots, which also differ in material.

There are those of plastic, wood, terracotta, etc.

Let’s make it clear that, among all the existing materials, there is no absolute winner. Each canapicoltor, examining the pros and cons, will choose the one that suits him/her best.

Let’s see the features of the most popular pots.

Plastic ones are by far the most common: they are comfortable, cheap, light and can be drilled easily.

On the market it is easy to find them in many shapes, sizes and colors.

On the other hand, however, they are not very durable and need to be replaced quite frequently. They also do not protect the roots from temperature extremes.

The plastic pots are also widely used in the ‘perforated’ version: in this case they are called ‘air pots‘.

Air pots are common because, by favoring the oxygenation of the roots, they limit both the entanglement and the formation of water stagnations.

Because of the side holes, however, it is necessary to increase the doses of water. For the rest (apart from the decidedly higher price), they do not differ much from other plastic pots.

Classic clay pots are also quite common in cannabis crops.

Of course, they are heavier and a little less practical than the previous ones. On the other hand, they last over time, absorb excess moisture and keep the substrate cool.

Lately, fabric pots, called ‘smart pots‘, have also spread.

Like the ‘air pot’ pots, the latter are also perfect to limit the phenomenon of entanglement of the root system and to prevent the creation of water stagnation (very dangerous enemies for hemp plants).

Their price is not very high, they are practical to move, but a little too light and, when the plants are large, they tend to tip over.

The least used containers, on the other hand, are those in metal and those in wood. The first ones because they tend to rust and are impractical. The second because they are not very available.

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To conclude

This was an overview of the main details regarding the pots used to grow hemp.

In general, there is no better container than the others: neither for the shape nor for the materials.

Considering the pros and cons, the choice may change from case to case.

As for the size, however, it is better to identify the right pot carefully, taking into account the period of growth of the plant, the genetics and the size of the roots.

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