Water and cannabis in bloom: here’s how much water the plant needs at this stage

How much water does cannabis need in the flowering phase?

Published on: 15/08/2021

Learn the main information about watering cannabis plants during the flowering period

In the world of hemp cultivation, irrigation is a very serious topic.

From the moment the marijuana seeds are planted, to then reach the vegetative phase and finally the flowering phase, the water must be dosed properly or there is a risk of compromising the health of the plants.

In this article, we want to particularly talk about the relationship between water and cannabis in bloom.

How do canapicultors act during this particular period?

How many times do you water a mary plant?

Are there any fixed rules?

Here are the answers to all the main questions about how to irrigate cannabis in bloom.

Dosing the water for flowering cannabis

Cannabis and irrigation in bloom: here’s what’s important to know

From the time the cannabis seeds are planted until the moment when the marijuana plant completes its growth cycle and finally reaches the flowering phase, great care must be taken so that we can arrive at the harvest with the plant in excellent health.

It is important to take care of the nourishment part, to dose the humidity of the environment and the light, and it is essential to pay attention also to the quantities of a simple element such as water.

How much water to give to flowering plants?

During the first phase of flowering, the plants absorb a quantity of water similar to the one of the final period of the vegetative phase: there are no substantial differences.

As the buds get bigger and pistils begin to form, however, the roots begin to absorb more water, so watering will have to be increased.

If you are wondering what the precise doses can be, know that it is impossible to give a universal answer.

Many factors affect this decision: for example, hemp plants can be exposed to more or less high temperatures, they can be grown in different substrates that have different levels of water retention; in addition, the size of the vessels can also affect the doses of water, and much more …

Of course there can also be differences regarding indoor or outdoor irrigation.

Let’s say that the ideal would be to irrigate the plants only when the soil becomes dry, and this applies both to plants born from feminized seeds and to those born from autoflowering seeds, fast or of any other type of seeds.

For marijuana plants to grow in good health, it is important to avoid water stagnation: it is better to give little water and add it if necessary than to risk that the roots will rot due to the high humidity of the soil.

Having clarified that the doses of water to be administered to plants can be very different from case to case, you are probably now wondering if there is at least some common irrigation technique.

As for the type of irrigation during the flowering phase of marijuana plants, many canapicultors (but not all) follow a four-step scheme that consists of alternating pure water with water mixed with fertilizer:

  • on the first day, both water and nutrients are given;
  • on the second day you skip watering;
  • on the third day the plants are watered with pure water;
  • even on the fourth day you skip watering.

At this point the cycle is repeated until the last days before harvest, in which the administration of fertilizers and nutrients is suspended altogether.

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Humidity percentages: attention to water in the atmosphere

We have clarified that during the flowering phase, the larger the flowers, the more the cannabis plant needs water, and that at the same time it is important not to overdo it with the doses.

In addition to this, it is also important to specify that, on the opposite, the percentage of moisture in the atmosphere will have to gradually decrease.

Specifically, during the flowering phase, the percentages of humidity will have to fall between 40% and 50%, while in the last two weeks before harvest between 30% and 40%.

Wondering why?

Too high humidity rates could be catastrophic for the crop because they are often the cause of the formation of water droplets between the tops.

These droplets of condensation, could, over time, lead to the birth of mold, compromising the entire plantation: unfortunately, in cases like the one just hypothesized, even having to do with the most resistant cannabis genetics born from the best seeds (such as fast BSF seeds) there would be very little to do.

Water, therefore, both in the pots and in the environment, has a very important impact on the health of cannabis plants!

Water and cannabis in the flowering phase

Water temperature and pH for flowering cannabis

The canapicultor who likes to take care of the part of the irrigation at best, in addition to paying attention to the doses, also keeps under control the pH and the temperature of the water, two characteristics that can greatly affect the quality of the plant, and, consequently, of the harvest.

By the time cannabis plants are in bloom, the water pH for crops on land should be between 6 and 7; in hydroponic crops, between 5.5 and 6.5.

As for the temperature, it is better to avoid excessively hot water: the ideal conditions are around 20 ° C.

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To conclude

As you can see, during the flowering phase even the most experienced canapicultors follow some tips to irrigate the cannabis plants at their best.

When the flowers develop, the roots absorb more water, so it is important to increase the intensity of watering.

At the same time it is essential not to overdo it so as not to risk compromising the health of the plant right before harvest.

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