Indoor seed germination temperature: the ideal one

Here is what is the ideal temperature for germinating seeds indoors

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Insight about the correct temperature for the germination phase in indoor cultivation: tips for hemp seeds

Weed seed germination is the first and most crucial stage in the development of a plant.

In nature, this process only takes place if the seeds can enjoy the most favourable conditions. Still, in indoor cultivation, we are lucky enough to create the right environment artificially, which exponentially increases the chance of obtaining new seedlings.

For cannabis seeds and many other plant species to hatch, it is essential to pay attention to several parameters: humidity, light and room temperature.

In this article, we want to talk to you in particular about the germination temperature of seeds in general and fast growing weed seeds indoors (i.e., in indoor crops), explaining why it is essential to monitor it and how it should be set.

Here are the secrets of experienced hemp growers.

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The ideal temperature for indoor seed germination

The germination phase of marijuana seeds and all other plant species is a very delicate moment.

The seed must be able to hatch in the dark and at the ideal temperature, thanks to water, to give birth to a new seedling.

On the subject of temperature, the correct regulation of this parameter in indoor cultivation is crucial.

In general, hemp plants like a temperate climate of around 18-20° C when the lights are off and 26-28° C when the lights are on, but each stage of development has its own rules.

For example, during the germination phase (i.e., when both the plant itself and its root system have yet to develop), it is essential to keep the seeds in the dark and set a temperature of between 20° and 25° C, taking care never to drop below 18° C. It is because, in general, seeds will not germinate in the dark.

It is because, in general, seeds are unlikely to germinate below this temperature.

For their film to open to release the sprout, they must absorb the right level of humidity (around 75-85%) and have the right warmth. Temperatures that are too low, lower humidity levels, slowing down the germination process.

In this significant phase, the temperature and humidity must be set correctly and remain constant until the roots are well-developed and absorb nutrients from the soil.

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Marijuana seed germination time

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, if the temperature and humidity are regulated and possible and remain constant in indoor cultivation, the seeds take very little time to germinate: you can see the first signs of life in two or three days.

However, even though some hemp growers follow these parameters to the letter, it can happen that after 7 days, there is not even a shadow of a sprout.

What can this be?

In this case, some mistake was likely made unintentionally when sowing.

For example, the seeds may have been planted too deeply or may have caught too much light; or they may have died or been of poor quality.

Cannabis seeds

Before sowing, it is essential to check that you have strong, live seeds and possibly the best genetics (just like the BSF seeds on sale at SensorySeeds) to avoid wasting time and money.

In this sense, the ideal is to buy seeds only from shops that offer selected and guaranteed products and avoid cheaper ones of dubious origin.

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In conclusion

In indoor cultivation, setting the temperature from 20 to 25° C can induce the germination process of feminized seeds in a few days.

For the root system to develop healthy and robust, it is also essential to ensure that it remains constant until the small seedlings are exposed to light.

After this in-depth study for purely informative purposes and confident that we have satisfied your curiosity, we would like to remind you that the cultivation of cannabis is currently not permitted in Italy (unless you have a special licence).

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