Marijuana films: top 5 must-sees

The 5 best marijuana films

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Titles to keep in mind for a fun couple of hours

It’s no secret that cannabis has suffered from a social stigma for years, not to say decades, due to the psychotropic effect it can induce.

However, it is equally valid that the stranglehold of prohibitionism has been gradually loosening lately, not only from legalisation itself.

Even those who disagree with the recreational dimension of weed consumption can undoubtedly have a good laugh watching the many films and TV series that deal with this topic and the fun adventures that can result.

If you are also a marijuana enthusiast, I recommend 5 films that you cannot miss.

Must-see marijuana films

Super High Me (USA – 2007 – running time 98′)

Documentary/Stoner movie

One of the must-see marijuana films is undoubtedly Super High Me. This film documents the protagonist’s life, Doug Benson, during a unique experience.

Benson, a habitual pot user, decides to completely abstain from consuming marijuana for 30 days and then smoke and ingest it every day for another 30 days. He became convinced that he wanted to discover and document the effects of cannabis on the body.

But how? With the collaboration of his doctor, he undergoes a series of tests to document his health before and after the month-long high, to see for himself the consequences of the drug.

He will then be foolish to be told that the effects of the month of drugs are almost irrelevant. The only changes seen are an increase in weight of plus or minus 4 kg and a decrease in mental calculation skills.

The movie’s aim is undoubtedly to provoke discussion, adding exciting insights into the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, including interviews with dispensary managers, cannabis activists, users and politicians.

In short, an amusing way to tackle a current debate, which has little to do with lightness.

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Grace Herb – Saving Grace (UK – 2000 – 93′)


Also unmissable is “Grace’s Weed”, which tells the story of Grace, a widow who devotes herself to growing orchids.

Set in Cornwall, the film accompanies us in the protagonist’s evolution, who is overwhelmed by the debts left by her husband, which she only learns about after his death.

Anguished by the fear of losing her home and the financial difficulties she finds herself in, Grace is forced to find a solution quickly.

Starting with what she has, a keen green thumb and a passion for gardening, she decides to abandon the orchid business and replace it with a more profitable one: marijuana.

Woman growing marijuana

With the help of his gardener Matthew, he begins to grow and then sell cannabis.

This film, considered a sort of anti-prohibitionist manifesto for soft drugs, has received several awards, both from the public and critics.

The Secret Ingredient (Macedonia/Greece – 2017 – 108′)

Comedy/Black Humor

This funny comedy set in Macedonia, specifically in Skopje, tells the story of Vele, who works as a mechanic in a railway depot.

The country’s economic situation is not great, and his salary is several months overdue, but he doesn’t lose heart and fights every day to find a way to buy medicine for his father, who is battling cancer.

When he finds a packet of marijuana abandoned inside a wagon one day, he decides to keep it with him and use it for baking a cake for his father, thinking it will help him cope with his pain.

The man is convinced that he is receiving a new experimental treatment, and word of this innovative treatment quickly spreads.

Soon, Vele has to deal with two strange, drug-seeking gangsters and his neighbours lining up outside his house to find out the recipe for the miracle cake!

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Half Baked (USA – 1998 – 82′)


This hilarious 90s-style comedy tells the story of three friends, Thurgood, Brian and Scarface, who are trying to raise money to bail out their friend and roommate Kenny, who is in jail for killing Buttercup, the police horse.

They decide to set up a company called “Good Guy” to deal marijuana and raise the $100,000 needed to bail Kenny out of jail.

Thurgood obtains cannabis through his work at a pharmaceutical company, which also deals in the drug for laboratory research. The company soon made a good name and gained some famous customers.

But the fun doesn’t last long. The three friends soon experience the wrath of the competition. The drug dealer Samson Simpson did not take kindly to the success of the “Good Boy”, who was taking away essential customers.

He threatens the boys and forces them to pay $20,000 a week in compensation.

Even in his private life, things don’t go too well, especially for Thurgood, who starts having problems with his girlfriend, Mary Jane, who is totally against drugs.

How will it end? Well, I’ll leave that to you!

Oliver, stoned (USA – 2014 – 90′)

Teenage comedy

It is impossible not to close this review of marijuana-themed films with Oliver stoned. This film tells the story of Oliver, a 20-year-old boy who pretends to work at his father’s car wash.

However, the truth is different: Oliver spends his days smoking weed, so much so that one day, drugged up, he has his car stolen by a customer.

Concerned, he immediately decides to search for the thief, helped by Megan, a girl who had also been left without a scooter, also because of Oliver.

Needless to say, the adventures of the two young people make the comedy a lot of fun.

In conclusion

In this article, you can find several must-see films for cannabis fans.

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