3 tips for a long-term storage of cannabis

3 tips for a long-term storage of cannabis

Modified on: 03/06/2023


Cannabis collectibles, be they legal hemp inflorescences or weed seeds, are becoming increasingly popular and many people are competing to continually add to their personal treasure trove by purchasing items from the best eCommerce outlets.

However, any self-respecting collector has the onus to make sure that his or her products will last as long as possible without degrading: just as a stamp enthusiast takes care of them, keeping them protected in a good binder, a cannabis aficionado should also take care of his or her favorite items so that they last as long as possible.

Unfortunately, we are well aware of how delicate light marijuana buds (such as that ones of BSF seeds) are: it takes nothing for them to spoil forever, forcing us to dispose of them by throwing them unwillingly into the trash.

Do you own a collection of legal cannabis buds and don’t want them to end up like this? Here are 3 tips for a long-term storage of these products.

Choose a suitable container for storage

The container in which you decide to store your cannabis is the most important factor in ensuring its unaltered conditions for as long as possible.

Many people put it in a plastic bag thinking that this is enough to preserve it. Unfortunately, this is absolutely the wrong choice. In contact with plastic, cannabis could easily alter and lose some of its properties. Moreover, a small bag does not offer sufficient guarantee of its resistance. Sometimes just touching it too forcefully can cause a small tear and expose the surface of the product, compromising its integrity.

Choose a suitable container for storage

The best choice is a simple glass jar, the kind with an airtight seal, just like the ‘grandma’s containers’ in which foodstuffs such as jam and honey are stored. Their material, in fact, is perfect for preserving the characteristics of cannabis.

Those who are particularly keen to ensure maximum shelf life might consider subjecting the jar to a vacuum treatment by boiling, but this procedure is not recommended for reasons that will be well understood in the next section.

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Avoid direct light and excessive heat

Direct light and excessive heat are devastating to cannabis because they can accelerate its degradation and ruin it irreparably.

It should now be clear why our suggestion about preparing a vacuum jar by boiling should be made: placing the jar inside a pot full of water at such a high temperature would be very detrimental to cannabis storage.

To avoid damage from direct light or heat, it is a good idea to place the jar inside a piece of furniture, such as a cupboard, a kitchen cupboard or a cupboard with non-transparent doors, making sure that it is away from heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces and ovens. Of course, it is good to choose the right place: if the cabinet in which it is stored is opened very frequently, the cannabis would be continually hit by direct light, jeopardizing its proper storage.

If you want to be really scrupulous, you might consider storing it in an amber-colored container or, at any rate, processed so that it is not completely transparent. In this way, even at times when the jar would be exposed to direct light, the cannabis would be properly preserved.


Maintaining an adequate humidity level

The last enemy factor of cannabis is humidity, and it is the most complicated to control.

You see, this plant is rather fickle and only lasts well within a very specific range of humidity: to be precise, many experts claim that the ideal value is between 59% and 63%. If it is too low, you risk the cannabis drying out. If it is too high, on the other hand, you expose it to the danger of being attacked by mold and fungus. In both cases, its integrity would be irreparably compromised.

Now, I do not expect you to buy a hygrometer and waste time constantly checking the humidity level of the room in which you have decided to store it. Of course, if you decided to proceed in this way you would have the absolute certainty of keeping it in a perfect environment to make it last as long as possible. But, between us, there is no need to go that far.

Maintaining an adequate humidity level

However, there are much more practical and less demanding solutions.

First, you could store it in an environment that maintains a constant level of humidity, such as a basement. Of course, make sure that it is not excessively humid before making a final decision.

Alternatively, you can choose any room and periodically use a dehumidifier or humidifier to ensure a healthy environment for cannabis at all times.

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In conclusion

In this article we have given some tips for a suitable long-term storage of cannabis (the light kind, mind you!). Choosing the right container, avoiding direct light and high temperatures, and ensuring an adequate moisture level are very important factors in preserving your cannabis and preventing it from degrading prematurely.

We hope that the above tips will help you store your products properly and secure your collection of light cannabis buds. And if you want to add to your little treasure trove, we have one last tip for you: why not adding some quality cannabis seeds to your collection?

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