Excess water in hemp: symptoms to understand if there is a problem

Symptoms of excess water in cannabis

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Watering cannabis plants is a delicate process that requires care and balance. What happens if the plants have too much water? Let’s see it together

Cannabis plants are remarkably delicate and demanding, and those who grow them (where it is legal to do so) know this very well. However, there are certain situations in which the plants suffer particularly severely, and one of these is when they are subjected to over-watering or excess watering.

Every good cannabis grower knows that it is essential to pay close attention to the amount of water given to cannabis plants to avoid ruining an entire crop.

We at Sensory Seeds, who have been selling top quality cannabis seeds online for years, have put together this guide to help you recognise the signs of distress caused by too much (or too little) water and act accordingly. 

The guide is offered for information purposes only, as cultivation in our country is illegal, and the products in our shop are only suitable for collectors.

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What happens to cannabis plants that receive too much water?

Cannabis cultivation with drip irrigation system

Usually, an experienced grower does not make this mistake. Instead, it is exclusive (or almost exclusive) to beginners and is typically the consequence of over-care. 

There is a tendency to think that plants, not only cannabis plants, need water all the time to live, but this is not the case. It is not necessary to water every time the soil begins to dry out slightly, as the plants are indeed not dying of thirst in this case.

You should remember that one of the essential parts of the cannabis plant (but not only) are the roots. They anchor the plant to the soil and absorb nutrients and water from the soil. 

Not everyone knows that cannabis plants also absorb oxygen through their roots.

Giving cannabis plants too much water will impede the uptake of oxygen, and the plant will then start to show signs of illness. One of the most common symptoms is that the leaves bend downwards, sometimes right after watering. Over time, if the problem persists, the leaves turn yellow.

Remedies for over-watering

To limit the damage caused by over-watering, the solution is basic: less water! 

First, more time should be allowed to elapse between watering, but there are other ways of knowing when to water or not to water.

For example, you can test the soil with your finger and wait until the first 3 cm has dried sufficiently before watering the plants again. Generally speaking, the plants should be watered every 2 to 3 days, and when doing so, you should take care not to ‘drown’ the specimens each time.

It is advisable to water them for 60 seconds and no longer or stop when the water comes out of the holes in the bottom of the pot.

As far as pots are concerned, the size of the pot should also be considered for watering and the growth of the plants in general. It would help if you started with small pots during the sprouting phase and then moved the plant into larger and larger pots as the plant grows. 

If you place the small plant in too large a pot, it may not absorb enough water and oxygen with its roots.

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When should you water your cannabis plants?

The timing of watering is also essential for cannabis plants to grow in the right way. The timing varies depending on the stage the plant is in. Newly germinated plants are exceptionally delicate. At this stage, they need to be watered carefully, perhaps preferring spray water to traditional watering, but only when the soil around them starts to dry out.

As the plants develop more, they can then be watered normally, which as already mentioned, should be once every 2 or 3 days or when the soil starts to dry out too much. 

Cannabis irrigation carried out every 2 or 3 days

It is also better to water the plants in the morning, especially if they are outdoors, as this will give the plants a whole day of sunshine to enjoy along with the water. Furthermore, when watering in the evening, there is a risk of mould developing due to the low temperatures.

To conclude

Like many other plants, cannabis plants are very demanding and need to be treated with care, as seen from above. We at SensorySeeds are experts in these matters, but we are even more experienced in the sale of collectable seeds in our online shop. Therefore, we recommend that enthusiasts look at our varieties to complete their collection.

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