Leaves pointing downwards: why it happens in cannabis and what to do about it

What to do when cannabis leaves are facing down and why it happens.

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Like all plants, cannabis plants have their way of communicating their discomfort. Cannabis plants, for example, often have their leaves pointing downwards. Let’s take a look at what this means

Licensed cannabis growers know how to recognise a plant’s unhealthy state as good professionals. One of the most common signs is that the leaves may turn downwards or curl up. 

When this happens, the plant is under a lot of stress, and action must be taken to prevent the crop from being lost and production from suffering.

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We would also like to remind you that the advice offered here is in no way an incentive to cultivate (which remains illegal unless you have a licence to do so).

Let’s look at the causes of stress for cannabis plants and the solutions to be implemented immediately in the case of downward-facing leaves.

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Possible causes of downward-facing leaves

Grower checking the condition of cannabis leaves

Here are the five leading causes of this sign of malaise for cannabis plants.

1 – Water stress

Cannabis plants can become stressed by either too much or too little water. If, for example, you grow outdoors during the summer months, you may experience a severe lack of rainfall, and this can affect plant development. The soil dries out, and the plants soon begin to look visibly droopy, with their leaves pointing downwards.

Excessive watering can occur in the spring months or around September-October. Therefore, the solution to water stress can only be constant plant hydration by adding water when necessary or by adding a cover during the rainiest months.

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2 – Stress from hypoxia

This type of stress occurs when not enough oxygen reaches the plant roots. It happens mainly when the substrate remains wet for too long or is not drained well. As a result, the metabolic functions of the plant are slowed down, and the leaves turn yellow and droop.

To solve this problem, you should significantly provide the plants with a spongy, aerated substrate if you are growing auto-flowering plants. One solution would be to make a soil mix with 30% coco and use draining pots. 

It should also be remembered that from 20 degrees upwards, the oxygen content in the water decreases, so water the plants with cool water and don’t forget the watering cans in the sun.

3 – Stress from incorrect temperature

Cannabis plants suffer from both too hot and too cold a temperature. They have particularly stressed if it is very hot during the day and there is a sudden drop in temperature at night. 

Cannabis plants have an ideal temperature range of between 18 and 29 degrees.

Cannabis cultivation with temperatures between 18 and 29 degrees

It is essential not to leave them in the cold too long, especially in the early stages of their life, where extreme temperatures could stop their growth. The plants should be covered at night or shaded during the day to avoid temperature fluctuations.

4 – Stress from pests and diseases

Especially in outdoor cultivation, the plants may become infected with diseases or parasitised by insects. In this case, growth stops because the plant concentrates its energy on fighting the infection.

The solution in these cases is to apply preventive methods to avoid disease. If the infection has already occurred, the plant must be cared for by providing it with the right products and good support, such as a light fertiliser containing amino acids and vitamins.

5 – Stress from excess or lack of nutrients

Often a lack of nutrients is not since not enough nutrients are being supplied, but rather that the plant cannot absorb them. 

It is often due to an excessive accumulation of salt in the substrate. The roots should be washed with water and without fertiliser to avoid this.

To conclude

Cannabis plants need constant care and attention and good knowledge of the problems that can arise and the possible solutions. 

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