Marijuana grow box kits: what are they?

What are marijuana grow box kits and how do they work?

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Are you curious to know what cannabis grow box kits are, how they are made and how they work? Here is the answer to your curiosity

When searching for interesting facts about the fascinating marijuana plant, you have likely come across speeches or mentions of ‘marijuana grow box kits‘ several times, even though you did not know precisely what they were talking about.

However, knowing at least the preliminary information about these kits could be very useful in enabling you to understand all those articles that talk about how to grow a plant indoors, from planting the cannabis seeds to the final stage.

Here’s what you should know about grow boxes.

Marijuana grow box kit

Marijuana grow box kits: what are they all about?

Although it is not permitted to plant marijuana seeds in the UK, if you are a botany enthusiast and appreciate the properties of hemp, you have probably read here and there about the cultivation of this plant and heard about those who grow it at home.

In this regard, marijuana grow box kits have undoubtedly popped up: but what are these structures? And how do they work?

As the name implies, grow boxes are artificial systems (small) that aim to recreate the ideal environment for growing marijuana plants even if you don’t have an outdoor space or land.

These are boxes, crates, or cabinets equipped with a system that generates the right light, temperature, ventilation, and humidity conditions.

In addition to space constraints, many people worldwide choose to buy one or more of these for privacy reasons. Grow boxes allow you to successfully grow hemp seedlings indoors, away from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Still, despite having enough land and outdoor space, others choose to buy grow boxes to experiment with different yields of the same type of plant, comparing the results obtained outdoors with those obtained indoors.

In short, grow box kits are intelligent systems that allow hemp plants to grow in total autonomy even in a closed environment and are a smaller version of the larger grow rooms that hemp growers use for indoor cultivation.

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What does a complete grow box consist of?

For grow boxes to provide the right growing conditions for marijuana plants, they need to be equipped with specific features.

The main components of a box are:

  • the box itself (the cabinet);
  • the lighting system (usually LED);
  • the ventilation system;
  • a thermometer;
  • a humidity regulator;
  • everything is needed to grow the plant according to the chosen cultivation (hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut fiber, etc.).
Indoor marijuana cultivation

The bigger the box, the more plants you can grow — usually, for space reasons, you tend to choose dwarf auto-flowering plants with this system — and, again, depending on the size of the cabinet, you will need more or less powerful lighting and ventilation systems.

Complete marijuana grow box kit, however, in addition to the components mentioned above, are also equipped with:

  • smell filters: helpful in keeping things discreet when you don’t want your neighbors to know about your growing;
  • timers: valuable for precisely regulating the hours of light exposure for your plants;
  • drip irrigation systems: perfect for dosing plant nutrients at every stage of growth;
  • computers: for monitoring all the parameters related to the cultivation of marijuana plants, even from your smartphone.

Of course, there are entirely unique grow boxes on the market. The more expensive ones are usually made of more robust materials and have more sophisticated and precise equipment; the cheaper ones are basic kits but are generally preferable to do-it-yourself boxes, especially for novice growers.

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To conclude

After this little of background information, you should have a clearer idea of the much talked about grow boxes.

These are systems that, thanks to their characteristics, allow you to successfully grow hemp from seeds (usually fast flowering seeds, feminized seeds or dwarf auto-flowering seeds are used), even if you don’t have any outdoor space.

We want to reiterate that our editorial staff wrote this article for information purposes only and that it is still illegal to grow hemp in the UK.

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