Can hemp inflorescences be used? Clarification

How can you use hemp inflorescences?

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Find out if and how the inflorescences of hemp plants can be used

For some time now, hemp plants have been enjoying renewed success in various areas, and as a result, we hear more and more about them.

Hemp is used in industry, textiles, paper and even in the energy sector.

Even the cannabis seeds are pressed into high-quality oils.

However, many users are wondering what hemp inflorescences are used for.

Why are these components of the marijuana plant so popular?

Can they be used in the UK?

To answer these questions, we at SensorySeeds have chosen to take a closer look at the concept and explain how things stand.

Here are the main facts about cannabis inflorescences and their uses.

Hemp inflorescences

Hemp inflorescences: what are they?

Inflorescences are the main reason why hemp growers decide to plant marijuana seeds. They are the flowers of the plant, which are fragrant and rich in phytochemicals (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.).

In nature, inflorescences are typical of female marijuana plants and act as reproductive organs. When fertilized by pollen, they generate new seeds.

Due to environmental stress and the creation of new genetics, there are now hermaphrodite plants, i.e., plants that possess both female and male reproductive organs (pollen sacs).

The inflorescences of hemp (also called buds) are unmistakable; they grow from the nodes and stems of the plant and have a typical compact, bushy appearance, quite different from the fan-shaped leaves that are the symbol of marijuana.

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Hemp inflorescences: how are they used, and for what purpose?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, cannabis buds are one of the main reasons these plants are grown, which is why both feminized seeds and feminized fast flowering plants (almost 100% female genetics capable of producing flowers) have become so popular over time.

But what are inflorescences used for, and, above all, is it legal to use them?

Let’s start by pointing out that there is marijuana genetics today with high THC content and others. They are also called light cannabis, legal marijuana, or other similar names — which have very low percentages of this psychotropic substance and, instead, have high concentrations of CBD, a cannabinoid with no psychotropic effects that are highly prized.

Every country in the world has its laws on the subject: in the UK, for example, it is permitted to buy light hemp inflorescences, but it is forbidden to consume them unless there are exceptional and very rare medical prescriptions.

But where is it permitted, what are hemp inflorescences used for? And how?

Hemp buds are appreciated all over the world for their relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In particular, legal hemp inflorescences are exploited for their high levels of CBD (or cannabidiol), a cannabinoid that acts on the human body to relieve the pain of various forms and origins.

However, THC-rich marijuana inflorescences are also widely used in some parts of the world, even in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dried hemp inflorescences

Before use, cannabis inflorescences are dried either naturally or employing special equipment and are primarily used in the following ways.

  • in the form of an infusion: small quantities of dried inflorescences are left in boiling water for about fifteen minutes, as is the case with other common herbal teas, and the resulting drink is then sipped;
  • smoked: the inflorescences are chopped up and smoked on their own or together with tobacco or other herbs;
  • mixed with food: where permitted, cannabis buds are shredded and used in food to make cakes, bread, or other unique dishes.

These are just a few examples of how cannabis buds are used (as we have already mentioned, however, not in the UK). Still, the substances derived from them are also used to formulate many other products in the pharmaceutical (both oral and topical) and cosmetic sectors.

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To conclude

Today, many studies are being carried out worldwide on the potential of substances contained in marijuana inflorescences.

Although the research data is encouraging in many ways, many countries are still reluctant to legalize the use of these products, while others have made considerable strides in this direction; indeed, with time, it is expected that something will change.

We hope that our review has helped clarify your thoughts, and we invite you to visit our Sensory Seeds store, where you can buy the best varieties of cannabis seeds online for collecting purposes: feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, fast growing weed seeds, there is something here for every taste!

We want to remind you that growing cannabis is not allowed in the UK.

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