Sinsemilla: what is it, and why is it so famous in the cannabis scene?

What is the Sinsemilla and why is it so famous?

Published on: 26/04/2021

History of sinsemilla: the seedless thc weed! Who is the genius inventor and how did he create it?

Do you have a passion for cannabis plants and seeds, and have you heard of Sinsemilla during your numerous researches? Then, you are surely wondering what it is and why it is such a talked about product in the marijuana seeds world.

We know how difficult it is to find precise and detailed information about it, and imagine how curious you can be about what this strange Sinsemilla!

Therefore, we decided to talk to you about the meaning of the term, its peculiarities, and history.

Sit comfortably and get ready to solve all your doubts!

Cannabis “Sinsemilla”: meaning and definition of the term

The word “Sinsemilla” derives from the Spanish word “sinsemilla” and means “without seeds”.

This word referred initially to marijuana seeds that did not produce seeds because it was not pollinated. Therefore, it did not define a type of grass but, more simply, a female plant removed from the male ones which, not being pollinated, could not produce seeds.

Sinsemilla cannabis flowers

Today, the term sinsemilla refers to feminized cannabis, whose seeds are highly sought after by weed seeds growers for a particular reason: they only have female chromosomes.

It means that feminized seeds have an almost 100% chance of producing female gender plants!

Since there are no male plants (pollen-producing), it is almost impossible for seeds to grow from a plantation consisting of feminized cannabis unless a hermaphrodite develops between the plants.

It is the reason the highly rated feminized are called Sinsemilla, without seeds.

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Why do users acclaim sinsemilla worldwide?

As you probably know, marijuana flowers are rich in resin which, in turn, contains THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. The goal of those who grow high-THC weed is to obtain quality flowers rich in cannabinoids and with precious aromas.

From here, we come to the reason why sinsemilla cannabis plants are so sought after: a non-pollinated marijuana plant, not having to generate cannabis seeds, devotes all its energy to the development of flowers. These, called buds or buds, ripen flawlessly.

At this point, it certainly won’t surprise you to learn about the characteristics of sinsemilla cannabis flowers:

  • large
  • powerful because they are rich in THC
  • fragrant and tasty, with superfine flavours and aromas

Therefore, we can say that the buds that develop from feminized plants are of a higher quality than pollinated flower / buds!

But how did this brilliant idea of seedless cannabis come about? Who has ever thought of creating feminized marijuana seeds capable of developing only female plants?

Sinsemilla: the history of feminized cannabis

Until the 70s, cannabis and hashish known in the US were (illegally) imported from countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Thailand, where they were processed quickly and carelessly. Much of the weed entering the United States was rich in cannabis seeds, often annoying to smoke and poorly flavoured.

While the effects of THC were greatly appreciated, something needed to be done to improve the smokers’ experience!

It seems that in the 70s when the production of marijuana in the United States began to take off, growers devoted themselves to the search for the perfect method to produce flowers of the highest quality. The goal was to guarantee users delightful sensations also as regards aromas and flavours.

The producers realized that by eliminating the male plants, they would avoid the pollination of the female plants. This trick would therefore have led to the development of seedless flowers, extremely powerful and aromatic.

Cannabis sinsemilla: powerful and aromatic

The popularity and significant demand for these flowers meant that they needed a name. It was coined with two Spanish words, “sin” and “semilla”, because cannabis in the US mostly came from the Mexican market, as did the seeds.

It is unknown who coined the term, but it is speculated that it originated in the southwestern United States, where the Sinsemilla itself was invented.

In any case, Sinsemilla spread as a new and superior type of herb. Still, it was actually the same herb that Americans had consumed until the 70s … Which, however, lacking male pollen, had not had the opportunity to produce seeds!

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From Sinsemilla to feminized cannabis

As you have read just now, consumers quickly realized the quality of the seedless buds: they were flavourful, rich in THC and far superior to the buds full of seeds.

However, identifying and eliminating any male plants was a stress for the growers. Furthermore, farmers weren’t always able to identify male cannabis plants, losing much of the proceeds (and months and months of work). Those who bought marijuana from them always expected to find it seedless.

The need to simplify the process led to the birth of new cultivation techniques, methods that allowed producers to create exclusively female cannabis plants!

Specifically, farmers began hormonally modifying female plants by causing them to develop seeds with exclusively female chromosomes, devoid of male ones.

Hence, the feminized seeds were born, that is, seeds that have over 90% chance of giving life to plants of the female gender!

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