Fastest Autoflowering: In the challenge of the most productive strains, we have a winner!

The winner for the fastest and most productive best autoflowering seed

Modified on: 27/04/2022

They are the seeds that make dreams come true, they are the fastest autoflowering we can imagine

Everytime we talk about the fastest auto flower seeds, a kind of interest and curiosity appears.There are very good reasons for all this enthusiasm. This is not a trend in the marijuana industry, actually it can be considered a real change in this field.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds often generate very productive plants and this is one of the reasons people get excited with them.

In the UK it is forbidden to germinate the seeds, but we at SensorySeeds know that in the places where it is possible to grow, autoflowering seeds are very successful. We tell you some main reasons.

The plants that develop are smaller than the others and this means that they take up less space. A nice advantage for indoor growers too. Autoflowering seeds are the embryos of plants that grow fast and perform very well for their size.

They are plants well resistant to pests and insects in comparison with other strains. Farmers are ready to collect within 10 weeks at the most, independently of the light condition.

For cannabis seeds, genetics is the most important element, both in outdoor or indoor cultivation, genes guide the development program without hesitation, that is: plants bloom after some time, and not when the light changes its effect. But what is the variety that more than any other manages to embody these advantageous characteristics? We have a winner …

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Faster than light autoflowering seeds: here is the winner

The autoflowering marijuana seeds that in the SensorySeeds shop hold the record for the “speed / production” ratio, are not seeds of dwarf autoflowering plants, nor feminized seeds, nor simple fast flowering seeds: they are autoflowering seeds by bsf seeds.

Those in our shop also have a special name: they are “Gelato XXL“. This is the variety that seems to be the best in the primacy of speed and productivity among those we offer, as also confirmed by our buyers who have the opportunity to grow them (in countries where permitted).

The cross that creates Gelato XXL is between the Girls Scout Cookies Auto male plant and a variety of Sunset Sherbert, plus the genetics behind them are that of Thin Mint Girls Scout Cookies.

There are many different strains for autoflowering marijuana plants and seeds, each with unique and beneficial characteristics. However, even today, many people imagine that autoflowering marijuana plants have a lower quality level than other types, in particular, compared to the more traditional and well-known plants.

At the same time, many others consider this cross to be a godsend, because thanks to their type of genetic programming, growers’ work is really simplified.

Regardless of all this, from whatever family autoflowering seeds come from, they are now increasingly part of the category of favorites seeds for those who love to cultivate (where possible of course!)

The winner among the fastest autoflowers

The fastest autoflowering seeds and the marijuana plant

What is an autoflowering plant? To fully understand the intrinsic concept that accompanies the birth and growth of the fastest autoflowering, it is good to start by starting from the knowledge of the “generic” marijuana plant, that one we can consider traditional.

Cannabis is a photoperiod plant. This means that in the life cycle, and in particular in the flowering phase, the plant is affected by changes due to light, or to the duration of exposure to sunlight.

Understanding this logic, every grower can manipulate the growth of both houseplant and outdoor plant.

For example, in the case of indoor plants, the cuttings can be stimulated to bring them into the flowering phase. One technique is to keep them in the dark continuously for 12 hours every night, for a period of two weeks.

When dealing with “old” and perhaps spontaneous plants (even those that grow outdoors), these will not enter the flowering phase until the change in light has taken place naturally. Without a careful grower, therefore, the plant will be waiting for the changing seasons. Therefore the plant will bloom little by little after mid-summer.

Instead, autoflowering plant strains arrive to flowering when they reach a certain age. In their case, there is no dominant influence or changes fundamentally due to sun exposure.

Independently and autonomously of atmospheric conditions or lighting, the autoflowers start their flowering and production after about ten weeks. It is understandable that all this has opened the way to so many new possibilities for the world of marijuana growers.

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An epic cross: the autoflowering plants

Autoflowering marijuana strains derive from the cross between ruderalis cannabis plants and “traditional” marijuana plants.

The ruderalis strain did not originally spread due to its low THC content; its levels of this active principle being really negligible, made the plant not favored by growers or consumers.

Autoflowering: an epic cross

Precisely for this reason we have reached the epic cross we are facing today: the dominant traits of the autoflowering strain are a mixture between the “standard” marijuana strain that gave the high levels of thc and the ruderalis that added the autoflowering feature, a perfect combination that is delighting all growers around the world.

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