What is fertilization and how it happens in the cultivation of cannabis

Cannabis fertilization how it happens and what it is

Modified on: 27/04/2022

Cannabis plants need to feed adequately, let’s see what kind of fertilization helps them in the growth process

Understanding which one is the right fertilization for a plant is complicated, it depends on the type of soil, the phases of the plant, the temperature of an indoor or outdoor cultivation and many other factors.

In the UK, it is not possible to bring the seeds to germinate, it is not allowed by british law and the marijuana seeds of SensorySeeds online shop are seeds for collectors.

However, the principles we will talk about can apply to every plant. Some people do not trust industrial fertilizers, because they may contain chemicals that are better to avoid. Therefore, many people try to reduce the use of chemical substances and to create a good environment for the crop.

Furthermore, cannabis seeds with quality genetics are a good starting point for a healthy and strong plant.

It does not matter whether they are feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds or the type of fast flowering cannabis, the important thing is that the genetics are first choice, as in the case of bsf seeds (a very famous brand that collaborates with SensorySeeds).

Then, when a grower realizes he needs to nourish the soil and the plant in a certain way, he will need to be prepared to make the most effective choices. Let’s see which ones.

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The basic fertilization for cannabis plants

Normally, a healthy marijuana plant requires three basic elements for the fertilization. Thanks to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, each plant will reach the peak of its growth in dazzling form.

These are elements already present in the soil, but taking care of them in case of need means supporting and facilitating the interaction between the soil and the plant during the development phase.

These three nutrients are used to ensure that the plant has solid roots and produces a beautiful yield of “perky” flowers. Nitrogen is the important element connected to the growth of leaves. Phosphorus, on the other hand, supports the growth of prosperous buds.

Finally, potassium is the factor that helps the plant to develop in its entirety, making it vital and resistant. So, as we said before, even if the soil is actually mixed with these three nutrients, you have to be careful with the signals that the plant sends, especially during the first three weeks: observe the color, smell it and take care of its vitality.

Then, as the plant grows, it will need other nutrients. However, until leaves start growing up, the most important thing for fertilization is to balance the doses of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen of 20%.

The basic fertilization for the cannabis plant

Industrial or artisanal fertilization?

All the people that want to use fertilizers and that prefer to avoid chemicals, have to decide to produce “homemade” nutrients or to buy professional ones.

Of course, producing nutrients with your own hands means using materials whose quality and origin are known. It is also true that it would be much easier to buy what you need without having to spend too much energy in learning a thousand new things, also considering the fact that plants constantly have different needs.

Furthermore, relying on professional products allows you to avoid potential mistakes and unexpected events, such as chemical reactions, which can occur when you accidentally mix the substances incorrectly.

Especially in the case of beginners, the fact that someone else has already thought of everything (which components to use, in what doses, for what periods …) eliminates worries of all sorts about how to feed the plant.

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Never ignore the details

There are so many natural methods, but also so many well-made industrial products, that you will have the embarrassment of choice. Many experienced growers from all over the world have created all these fertilization techniques and all the products.

At SensorySeeds, we advise you to make it easier, considering your general knowledge and conditions. In any case, if you decide to make your own fertilizers, or if you choose industrial ones, you will always have to take care of the soil.

The first thing to think about, even before thinking about fertilizers is: water the plant properly.

Anyway, without an effective irrigation technique, no plant can thrive. The fact that plants need water is trivial, but unnecessary mistakes are often made regarding this essential element.

In fertilization, the details must never be ignored

Water has many purposes and one of these is to transport nutrient compounds from the roots to the leaves. Thanks to its importance, novice growers could make the mistake of watering plants too little or too often.

To avoid this kind of problems, it is better to take care of one thing at a time and, first of all, of the priority things, such as irrigation.