Top 5 best cannabis seed banks

Top 5 best cannabis seed banks

Modified on: 27/04/2022

The best marijuana seed banks in the world

From 2020 onwards, the hemp industry and related products, such as cannabis seeds, are flourishing. There are so many marijuana seeds banks in the world, and the choice is so vast that you might find it challenging to choose the right seed-brands for your needs.

Each seed bank offers different products as they produce them themselves, creating new genetics and improving pre-existing ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which one to choose – today we’re going to tell you about the top 5 marijuana seed banks so that you can make a 100% informed decision!

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1) BSF Seeds: the best cannabis seed bank

best seed banks BSF Seeds

BSF Seeds, whose products you can find on SensorySeeds, is a Spanish-American seed bank that produces unique and always new varieties of weed seeds. BSF cannabis seeds are bigger, stronger and faster, and selected to meet the preferences of all consumers.

The weed seeds BSF quality is recognised worldwide, so much so that the products have received international awards in many competitions (e.g. Cannaseur Cup, Maua Green Cup, Cata de Cultivadores Cup etc.).

But why did we choose to collaborate with this very famous seed bank? The reason lies not only in its fame but mainly in the quality of the products. The BSF cannabis seeds were born after many years of research with the (now achieved) goal of developing the most robust genetic characteristics and stability on the market.

Each of the auto-flowering, feminized and fast flowering seeds in this seed bank is hand-picked by experts and selected one by one to offer only the best product for sale. The company’s standards are very high, so much so that BSF adopts a rigorous phytosanitary protocol using only organic products.

These standards allow the birth of absolutely healthy and high-quality seeds. Not to mention the fact that all seeds are feminised.

You can now buy the best weed seeds BSF from SensorySeeds!

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2) Barney’s Farm: one of the best cannabis seed banks

The second-best seed bank in our top 5 is Barney’s Farm, born in the Netherlands and based at Barney’s Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Dutch experts select the seeds, and the cannabis strains are crossed with each other always to develop new auto-flowering and feminised cannabis varieties.

Barney’s Farm has won many international awards in the course of its operation and is probably one of the best seed banks in Europe, second only to BSF Seeds.

3) Dutch Passion Cannabis Seed Bank

Dutch Passion, founded in Amsterdam in 1987, was one of the world’s first seed banks and one of the few historical companies still active. It produces many classic marijuana seeds as well as new varieties, available in regular and feminized versions.

Dutch Passion bred and markets high-quality seeds and was the first to produce feminized seeds, i.e. seeds that have been modified to produce exclusively female plants.

best marijuana seed bank BSF Seeds

4) Crop King Seeds: Canadian Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds was founded in 2005 in Canada and produced seeds for both novice and experienced cannabis growers (medical or recreational use). It has auto-flowering, feminised, CBD and regular seeds, both of the most classic varieties and the latest varieties born from different and studied crosses.

All products are inspected, selected and hand-picked when fully ripe and, depending on the manufacturer, can produce a genuinely good harvest.

5) DNA Genetics: the seed bank based in Amsterdam

Like Dutch Passion, the DNA Genetics seed bank is also based in Amsterdam, as it was born when this city was the only one to offer the possibility of a legal market for cannabis and related products. Over the years, DNA Genetics has produced high-quality seeds in California and initiated strategic partnerships worldwide.

It produces auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds to offer consumers a wide range of choices.

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As you can read, the best seed bank in the world is BSF Seeds, which puts quality, yield and speed of growth at the forefront. This company, which was founded in Spain produces seeds legally in California, where they are selected and vacuum-packed to preserve their unique characteristics.

We remind you that if you live in the UK, you cannot grow weed seeds, you can only use them as a collector. While if you live in another country, you will have to respect local laws (for example, in some cities in the Netherlands, Spain and the USA, it is possible to grow them indoors for recreational or therapeutic use).

So, what are you waiting for? Buy now the best cannabis seeds in the world on SensorySeeds, and you will see that you will be delighted.