Bonsai Marijuana: Yes, it really exists, and now you can grow one!

Bonsai Marijuana grow one

Modified on: 10/02/2021

Do you want to know how to grow a bonsai from cannabis seeds? Here’s how to do it.

As legendary as it sounds, growing small bonsai marijuana from cannabis seeds at home is possible.

It could be an excellent idea as we all know that bonsai trees are known to take up minimal space. In fact, in this case, the growers take care of the development of the plant from the marijuana seeds with only one aim: aesthetics and decoration.

In this article, we will discuss how to grow a bonsai plant properly, so that you can improve your mood by staying at home and taking care of the plant without too much problems.

What is “Bonsai Marijuana”?

how to grow bonsai from cannabis seeds

Starting from the basics, you should know that the term bonsai, which originated in Japan, can be translated as ‘the art of growing trees in pots‘.

Therefore, it does not refer so much to the plant itself, but to the technique used to grow it. Growing bonsai, depending on its size, is done in small containers such as pots.

If this concept is transposed to marijuana, it is clear that the choice of growing a bonsai can help growers who have the possibility of optimising the space available to them.

Equally important is the fact that keeping a bonsai plant from marijuana (mother) can be useful for obtaining new plants and diversifying their genetics. All this without the help of extra weed seeds.

It is an advantage that should not be underestimated: like traditional plants, these too, as we have said, produce children. However, they require fewer nutrients or resources, and the plant may also be able to produce buds.

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Bonsai marijuana: how to grow a plant?

As with cannabis cultivation in general, it is clear that growing a marijuana bonsai also requires special attention, as well as the obligation to follow specific processes to ensure that it thrives and is in good health.

We, therefore, explain step by step the procedures to follow to obtain a fine cannabis bonsai.

First of all, the container choice is essential. We recommend, of course, that you opt for a smaller one.

pot for growing bonsai from weed seeds

Many growers recommend making holes around the pot so that the branches can be attached to the edges with a rope. This method, known as “low-stress development” is useful for growing bonsai vertically, to make it easier to handle.

Besides, deciding the “direction” of growth is a valuable mechanism to prevent damage to the roots.

Next, you will need to place a small wooden post to support the bearing branch. Again, it is advisable to proceed carefully and use a rope to secure everything.

Finally, when the plant starts to grow, it is essential to prune it back. Why is it important to prune it? The answer is obvious: it is a useful operation to maintain the shape and height desired from the start.

Caution: do not cut the main branches; otherwise, you run the risk of reducing the health of the bonsai, ruining its growth.

Once the trichomes of the flowers reach the white colour, the flowers can be cut. It is recommended to dry them in a fairly ventilated place. Afterwards, once well dried, it is a good idea to store the harvest in carefully sealed glass jars, to be kept in an area with little humidity and dark.

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Marijuana bonsai: how to select the right variety?

Before learning about growing a bonsai, those who do not know much about it should choose the type of marijuana seeds to use, and also learn about the legal terms for marijuana growing has precise limits and requirements, even if it is a bonsai.

Generally speaking, it would be advisable to choose a variety that seems small enough to fit perfectly in the pot in which it will grow.

Based on genetics, here is a list of those that may be most suitable for cultivation as a small bonsai:

  • Easy Bud: As you will have understood, this is a variety mainly recommended for beginners. The most exciting characteristic of this variety is that it does not exceed 50 cm. It means that it could fit perfectly in the vase in which it will be placed, without attracting too much attention. It is good to know that the genetics are mainly Indica, with THC levels of around 12%, with sweet and delicate aromas ;  
  • White Widow: certainly a strain well known to connoisseurs of the field. It is another variety with a height ranging from 60 to 100 cm and is ready in only 9 weeks. White Widow is a perfect hybrid of Indica and Sativa, offering an average CBD level and THC percentages of 20%.

The choice is extensive, and the results that can be obtained can be more than satisfactory. However, we remind you that in the UK, this type of cultivation is still illegal. But, it is quite possible to buy cannabis seeds of these particular varieties to collect them.

If this is the case, at SensorySeeds, we take great care to provide the best cannabis seeds, carefully selected to meet the needs of each customer and collector. With the possibility of shipping 24 hours a day, and anonymously. Buying weed seeds has never been easier.