Buying seeds online: here are the rules for cannabis seeds

If you want to buy cannabis seeds online, there are rules.

Modified on: 13/05/2022

Have you thought about buying marijuana seeds online, but would like to know if it’s legal and how to make the right choice? Here’s everything you should know

Suppose you appreciate the qualities of hemp plants or love to collect seeds of many plant species. In that case, chances are, you have also wondered if there is a possibility of buying cannabis seeds online.

Is buying seeds online safe, even if they are hemp seeds?

The answer is yes: no risks!

The important thing is to choose the right store and use the marijuana seeds for collecting purposes only.

Below you can find lots of tips on how to buy the best seeds safely.

Girl about to buy cannabis seeds online

Is it safe to buy hemp seeds online?

As in many other countries around the world, cannabis plants and their derivatives have been subject to many restrictions for a very long time now, both in terms of consumption, trade, and plantations.

The reason for these restrictions is THC, the cannabinoid with psychotropic effects produced by marijuana plants.

Knowing the situation described above, it is expected that you have wondered whether buying marijuana seeds on the web is considered legal or not.

Well, since they are THC-free products, buying seeds online is permitted.

What is prohibited, however, is germinating them to produce seedlings.

Depending on the seeds purchased, the risk would be to produce plants rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which, as we have already mentioned, is illegal.

If you intend to buy weed seeds for collecting, then you can rest assured, but if you plan to plant them in your vegetable garden or on your balcony, we strongly advise you not to do this.

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Why buy marijuana seeds on the Internet?

Having clarified that buying cannabis seeds for collecting purposes is allowed and that you don’t have to plant them. It now remains to understand why it is more convenient to buy them online and not in a physical shop and buy quality products.

The first of the many advantages of buying seeds online is that you can choose from so many products at once.

In nurseries, the catalogue of hemp seeds generally lacks in choice: there are usually only one or two varieties at most (which for a collector is not exactly the best).

There are no hemp seeds at all in the worst cases, so you have to go to many nurseries searching for the best-stocked one.

If you go to a specialized online store (such as SensorySeeds), you will be able to buy different genetics of cannabis seeds from three main categories:

This way, you can build up an enviable and truly complete collection!

Another of the advantages of buying hemp seeds on the Internet is the price.

Purchase seeds online

First, bear in mind that the cost of hemp seeds is relatively high compared to many other seeds. The reason for this is the cost of production and that you have to import them from abroad.

Returning to the difference between physical shops or nurseries and online weed seeds stores, prices are influenced by demand.

In physical stores or nurseries, the frequency of purchase of seeds will be lower. Therefore, orders to producers will also be smaller; in online stores, on the other hand, purchases are much higher, and therefore demands to producers will also be higher.

Considering that the number of orders and the purchase price are inversely proportional, you can easily see that you can access much lower costs and save a lot!

Finally, there is the question of privacy.

If you want to buy hemp seeds to complete your collection, ordering online from a store like SensorySeeds, you can count on a lot of privacy.

On the contrary, in nurseries, you often have to deal with the prying eyes of other customers who judge you negatively.

Having listed the main advantages of buying online, we recommend that before ordering hemp seeds from any store, you make sure you are dealing with top-quality seeds that have been certified (such as BSF seeds).

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To conclude

To recap, in the UK, buying marijuana seeds online or in physical shops is allowed, as they are only seeds, i.e., products with no psychotropic effects.

However, it is forbidden to show them.

So, if you aim to complete your seed collection with a wide variety of cannabis genetics, you can do so without hesitation.

But to get a worthy note collection, we recommend that you only buy seeds of proven quality, such as BSF seeds.

You can also find them for sale in our online shop,, at very attractive prices.

Visit our shop today, and you’ll be surprised at the great variety on offer.

We are waiting for you on SensorySeeds!