Certified hemp seeds for sale online: 5 of the best products

5 BSF Marijuana Seeds Most Popular with SensorySeed Customers

Modified on: 20/09/2022

Find out where to find quality certified marijuana seeds and which five bsf genetics are most popular with our sensoryseeds customers

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and love to collect cannabis products, it is likely that you have also started a search for marijuana seeds.

However, looking around on the web, it is just as likely that you have found it challenging to locate products that offer a guarantee of quality.

Where can you find certified cannabis seeds for sale in a truly reliable store?

How can you be sure of collecting strong live seeds?

Here is the solution.

Hemp seeds on Sensoryseeds

Quality cannabis seeds: these are the guarantees from SensorySeeds

If you’re looking for a leading online cannabis seed shop that offers only quality products, you can find all these qualites in our SensorySeeds store.

Hemp seeds for sale in our shop have been selected and certified for size, strength, and flowering speed together with the BSF seeds bank. It is no coincidence that BSF stands for “bigger, stronger and faster”.

By purchasing certified hemp seeds (feminized, auto-flowering or fast flowering) at SensorySeeds, you can be sure that you will only receive seeds that are alive and free from defects: the ideal products for an enviable collection!

Curious about a few examples?

Below you can find a list of certified hemp seeds (BSF) that are considered among the best and might be right for you.

But beware: in this article, we are talking about quality certification and not the one that gives the green light to cultivation. Only EU-certified hemp seeds, i.e., those that produce plants with a very low THC level, can be legally grown after prior authorization and not in every country anyway.

Let’s discover the best collectable seeds one by one.

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Ice Cream XXL: an evergreen genetic 60% Sativa and 40% indica

One of the most popular cannabis seeds among cannabis collectors is Gelato XXL, which belongs to the auto-flowering seeds category and crosses between a male Girls Scout Cookies Auto plant and the Sunset Sherbert variety.

Growing Gelato XXL seeds (where allowed, it is not legal in the UK and in the majorities of countries worldwide) results in plants that tend to be strong, with large, resinous inflorescences. They are also characterised by mentholated aromas and long-lasting psychotropic effects due to their high THC content.

Orange blossom: the seeds for orange-flavoured hemp

Orange Blossom hemp seeds are composed by 70% of Sativa and 30% of indica genetics and can be found in our store in both feminised and auto-flowering sections.

As their name suggests, these seeds, if grown, would produce plants with a strong presence of orange and tangerine aromas.

The Orange Blossom genetics are a cross between the Orange California genetics and the pre-90 Skunk.

If you are looking for special seeds with strong citrus notes for your collection, you should consider these and the ones we are about to discuss.

Lemon Blossom: a ‘must have’ among collectors

Born from the legendary San Fernando Valley OG Kush (famous for its intense citrus aroma) combined with the prized Lemon Thai (a type of cannabis reminiscent of lemon trees in bloom), the Lemon Blossom genetics are one of the most sought-after of all!

When grown (but remember, in the UK it is not allowed same as the majority of countries worldwide), Lemon Blossom seeds produce easy-to-grow plants which triple in height during the flowering phase and which, in addition to their unmistakable and predominant citrus aromas, are also rich in cannabinoids with a stimulating and motivating effect.

In our store, you can find Lemon Blossom seeds in the feminised seeds section.

BSF Certified Cannabis Seed Kits

El Gaucho: fast, fruity and resistant genetics

In the fast flowering seeds section, you can find El Gaucho genetics, born from a mix between the Sierra Madre and Blue Mountain.

El Gaucho marijuana seeds, if cultivated, would produce plants with a fast flowering time (about six weeks) and strong resistance to pests and weather. However, when it comes to flavour, El Gaucho plants are unusually fruity and sweet, which is why you should add these genetics to your seed collection!

OBK Kush: seeds with mysterious origins

If you would like to include a product that produces some of the fastest plants in the world (flowering in just 40 days) in your hemp seed collection, you should buy OBK Kush seeds.

Developed from genetics whose specific names have not been disclosed, OBK Kush seeds are predominantly indica (80%) and, if grown, would produce plants with sweet, earthy aromas and sedative effects.

Genetics not to be missed!

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To conclude

As we made clear in the first paragraphs, if you are looking for certified hemp seeds for sale in a safe and reliable shop, you can rely on our Sensoryseeds.com e-shop.

Choose from the five genetics we have just mentioned or, if you prefer, opt for kits with the best seed selectionsfeminized seeds, auto flower seeds, fast growing weed seeds, there is something for every taste! 

We look forward to seeing you on Sensoryseeds!