Legal cannabis on a plane: what are the risks?

The risks of legal cannabis on an aeroplane

Published on: 03/10/2022

Here is what happens if you bring weed on an aeroplane

Since the legalization of light cannabis, many people have become enthusiastic about this plant. Since possession of the inflorescences of light marijuana is permitted by law, many people wonder whether it is possible to take them with them on an aeroplane.

In the following lines, you will find out whether it is legal to pack light hemp and what the risks are for those found in possession of cannabis inflorescences or seeds at the airport.

CBD by plane

Light hemp and CBD on aeroplanes: is it legal to carry these products?

For several years now, the cultivation and marketing of light cannabis in Italy have been regulated by Law 242/16; this law states that if you have a regular authorization, it is legal to cultivate hemp plants and sell the inflorescences and other products obtained from them as long as they do not contain a percentage of THC (psychotropic active ingredient) higher than 0.6%. The legal limit would be 0.2%, but there is a slightly higher tolerance threshold.

With a small amount of THC, the narcotic effects associated with cannabis are diminished, and since the other most important active ingredient in it—CBD—is not a psychoactive substance, products such as light marijuana, CBD oil and legal hashish can be sold and purchased both in physical shops and online at specialized sites. But regarding their transport in a medium such as an aeroplane, is there anything in particular to know?

Since the law of the Italian Republic regulates the dissemination of these products, logic would dictate that if you wanted to make a trip by plane and take light weed or CBD oil with you, you could do so. Well, from a legal perspective, this is the case: although the legislation is not at all clear on the legality of consuming these products it is legal to sell, buy and possess them within the national territory. Unfortunately, however, carrying light cannabis in your luggage exposes you to certain risks, which I will discuss shortly.

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What can happen if you are stopped in possession of legal weed at the airport

As you are well aware, when travelling by plane, you have to pass through security checks. Well, although light cannabis is legal, problems may arise at the airport if the authorities find you in possession of it. Consider that the smell and appearance of legal weed are identical to legal weed. This is why it is advisable to keep the inflorescence inside the sealed bag or container in which it was sold to you, and keep the manufacturer’s certification and receipt or invoice handy.

However, this does not shield you from the possibility of being detained for further investigation by the authorities. It is very likely that even in the presence of legal products the police will want to make sure of their composition and seize them from you. Not only that: a check could cause you delays or even the loss of your flight. In short, if you want my advice, it is better to avoid carrying legal marijuana on a plane.

This advice applies to domestic flights but especially to international flights: abroad, in fact, light cannabis is illegal in many countries. Think about the fact that even in some countries where cannabis is legal in both light and THC versions, air travel is prohibited by law. Since, depending on where you are headed, the penalties can be quite heavy (even imprisonment), it is best to leave it alone.

What happens if you bring weed on the plane

Cannabis seeds by plane: all legal, but watch out for the consequences

Since—despite being legal—light cannabis can pose a risk at the airport, you might think that marijuana seeds would be given the same treatment. And you know what? That’s exactly right. Although cannabis seeds are 100% legal products, their germination can result in plants with a THC percentage higher than that permitted by law. Therefore, put yourself in the shoes of a policeman who finds a bag of feminized or auto-flowering seeds at baggage control: even if their purchase is allowed for collecting and for food use, he might be suspicious of a person carrying them on an aeroplane, perhaps from a city like Amsterdam (just as an example), and think that he wants to grow them.

Same as before, then: as much as marijuana seeds are legal products, transporting them by plane could draw the authorities’ attention to you and create problems. Again, I suggest you avoid taking any risks and do not carry cannabis products on an aeroplane. You will travel much more peacefully (or quietly)!

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In conclusion

Although some small steps forward have been taken in Italy recently from a regulatory perspective, legal cannabis is not a product to bring on an aeroplane. Besides, what is the point of attracting attention by perhaps carrying hemp seeds if you can buy them online and have them delivered directly to your home?

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